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Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics is a video game for the Game Boy Advance. The game features five member teamplay, and has ten playable characters. The story is based on the Dark Tournament Saga. The gamer plays as Yusuke, and must train while looking for his friends and others to join his team for the Dark Tournament. The game follows the story of the Dark Tournament, until all characters levels are maxed. Then all the playable characters are taken to a new island, where they face the Four Saint Beasts which were enemies from an earlier season. Like most anime-based games, it received mixed reviews.  It is also very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. 

Playable Characters[]

Yusuke: Starting Character. A close to long range fighter.                                  

Yusuke is seen firing his spirit gun in a gameplay screenshot

Kuwabara: Second Character to Join. A melee fighter.

Kurama: Fourth Character to join. His Yoko form is actually a boss in one level. A long-range/support type fighter.

Hiei: The last member of Team Urameshi to join, as he went to the hotel ahead of time. A close to medium range fighter.

Masked Fighter: Third Character to join. In this game, she never assumes her youthful appearance, and is consistently old. She leaves the party after her death, but rejoins once Toguro is beaten. Primarily a close range fighter with a few long range attacks. 

Gameplay as Jin

Yukina: First character outside of Team Urameshi to join, serves as the main healer, with few attacks.

Chu: Joins the party while searching for Rinku. A close range fighter, but has a few long range techniques.

Rinku: Joins the party once you save him from enemy demons. A close to medium range fighter, that can poison foes.

Jin: Joins Yusuke after losing to him in battle. He is a close range fighter with a few projectiles. 

Toya: After seeing Jin in your party, he offers to join as well.  He is a melee fighter.



  • Keiko makes a small cameo in this game, in a mission in which you need to retrieve her ticket, which was stolen by a turtle demon.
  • The enemies in this game are based on minor or background characters in the anime. The one-eyed Lion, Ram, and Turtle enemies are based on generic demons that are occasionally focused on in the audience. The Guard is based on the rat demon policemen who chased after Shizuru. The Anteater Demon is based on Hirue. The Minotaur is based on the giant demon that was dismembered by M1, M2, and M3. The Brain is based on a minor enemy the masked fighter defeats on the ferry.  Rugby makes an appearance as a boss even though he had a small role in the anime.