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Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective is a video game published by Atari for the Game Boy Advance, and developed by Sensory Sweep Studios and Screaming Games.

It features six playable characters and over twenty levels of gameplay. It is categorized as a single-player sci-fi action-adventure game based on the anime series. It was released on December 2, 2003 in North America, and was later released as part of a double pack with Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu.

It was given a TEEN rating for Mild Violence. To the disappointment of many fans, it received poor reviews. The game starts at the beginning of the Spirit Detective Saga and ends with the rescue of Yukina.

Playable characters[]

Yusuke fighting thugs on the first level

  • Kazuma Kuwabara - His main attack is the Spirit Sword. You can play as him in a level where Yusuke is borrowing his body.  He is playable for most of the game after that.
  • Kurama - You can use his Rose Whip attack but you can also use his melee attacks. He is playable in the Four Saint Beasts arc and for the rest of the game. 
  • Hiei - He is a boss in the game from when he kidnaps Keiko. As a boss, he transforms into his Jaganshi form and teleports a lot, and is very hard to hit. He is playable in the Four Saint Beasts arc, and the rest of the game. His main abilities are Teleportation and the 18-slash Jagan.

Hiei fighting Seiryu

  • Botan - Only playable when fighting the Demon World insect-controlled humans on Earth. She fights with a baseball bat and her special attack is a can of Bug Spray. 
  • Keiko Yukimura - Only playable when she has to save Yusuke's body when his house is on fire. She cannot attack. 
  • Genkai - Never playable in any levels, and is only unlocked after you beat the game. She is playable in the bonus Tournament Mode, though.