Yusuke Masoku Black Hair

Raditz? or Super Saiyan 3?

Wassup YuYu fans, I'm SaiyanZ and YuYu Hakusho is my 2nd favorite manga/anime of all-time, tied with Cowboy Bebop & behind the Dragon Ball franchise. I try to edit as much on this wiki. There isn't a single character I hate in this series, which says something about it's quality. My least favorite character would probably be Keiko, but like I said, I don't hate her as she has some good dialog pertaining to life in general.

My favorite characters:

1. Yusuke/Raizen

2. Kurama/Hiei

3. Kuwabara/Genkai

4. Younger Toguro/Sensui/Yomi

5. Hokushin/Kirin/Bui/Souketsu

6. Koenma/Chu/Jin/Toya

7. Rinku/Koenma

8. Sakyo/Sniper

9. Byakko/Seiryu/Itsuki

10. Seitei/Touou

My favorite pagesEdit

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