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The Three Kings Saga is the fourth and final saga in the YuYu Hakusho series. It spans from episodes 95 to 112 in the anime and from chapters 154 - 175 in the manga. The saga focuses on Yusuke Urameshi, Hiei and Kurama's affairs in Demon World, who quickly find themselves becoming involved in the realm's political struggle for power.

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Three Kings Saga
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The story arc takes place immediately following the defeat of Shinobu Sensui. Yusuke Urameshi has fallen into a malaise, due to a demon's interference in his fight with Sensui, and ultimately facing a serious existential crisis. Not knowing who to turn to, he travels to Genkai, in an attempt to figure out what to do next. After subjecting him to her trademark sardonic wit, Genkai suggests visiting the original Spirit Detective for Earth, Kuroko Sato, for advice. Yusuke does so, only to have the visit interrupted by three messengers from Demon World, who claim to have all the answers he's been seeking. They inform him that the demon who possessed him during his fight with the renegade spirit detective was, in actuality, his ancestral Demon father, Raizen, one of the three kings of Demon World, who is now currently on the cusp of death, due to his refusal to eat his only acceptable food, humans. They also tell him he will be accompanying them back to Demon world to meet Raizen directly, whether he wants to, or not. At approximately the same time, both Kurama and Hiei are receiving messages from the other two leaders of Demon world, asking them to join their forces for the upcoming shift in balance that will surely be caused by the death of Raizen. The former thief and partner of Yoko Kurama, Yomi, calls Shuichi Minamino to his side, and the mysterious Lord Mukuro asks Hiei to join his army. All three accept their new fates, and set out for the Demon World shortly afterwards.

After a year of training all 3 of them reach s-class and Raizen dies. Yusuke decides that the ruler of all makai should be decided in a tournament of everyone who wishes to participate.