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Team Gorenja (五連邪チーム?), also known as the High Five Rangers in the edited English dub, are a group of demons who enter the Dark Tournament but lose in the semi-finals against team Toguro. They were a team based on agility and teamwork (for the best three members only), relying on afterimages and their evasiveness to prevent their opponents from even hitting them. The only exceptions are Kirenjya and Midorenjya, however, these are likely the weakest members of the team.




  • Midorenjya vs. Karasu - Loss
  • Kirenjya vs. Bui - Loss
  • Akarenjya, Aorenjya, and Momorenjya vs. Elder Toguro - Loss


  • As their name suggests, Team Gorenja is a blatant parody on the original Super Sentai series,Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.
  • In the Filipino dub, they were called Power Rangers as their names are renamed due to their buckle on their belts such as Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Red Ranger respectively.


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