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Team Gokai Six consisted out of five (implied six) different demons themed after horror film monsters. Three members of the team's roster were eliminated during there three on three match against Team Uraotogi. When the fight was over the remaining two demons forfeited the fight, fearing for their lives. Their name implies that there is an alternate, however, he is never introduced as the first three members are defeated quickly.


Kyoppou - A cat-man wearing a yellow sweat shirt and black shorts, beaten into submission by Kuro Momotaro.

Nenja - a cobra demon wearing a blue sweater, killed by Makintaro.

Kyokudosan - a humanoid demon with silver hair and pointy ears wearing a black shirt and gray pants, killed by Suzuki (as Onji).

Werewolf Demon - a one-eyed werewolf demon with a scar on his left eye wearing a green fur coat worn open, he is one of the two survivors (three in the manga) of Team Gokai Six

Frankenstein Demon- A Frankenstein monster like demon with a screw on top of his head, with scars on his head and body, plus a gray skirt worn open, he is one of the two survivors (three in the manga) of Team Gokai Six.

Vampire Demon- A Vampire-like demon with a black cape and pointy ears. He only appears in the manga where he is seen with his "werewolf" and "frankenstein" teammates. He's a surviving member of Team Gokai Six as he forfeits the match and declares Team Uraotogi the winner.