Sword of the Darkness Flame

Sword of the Darkness Flame

Blazing Sword
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Demon Energy
Green with Black flames

The Sword of the Darkness Flame is a very powerful technique used by Hiei in the Dark Tournament. In the English dub it is a variation of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame technique. However, instead of Hiei using his arms, he infuses the flames around his sword. In the original Japanese version and manga, it is created by drawing in flames from Demon World.

History Edit

The origin of the Sword of the Darkness Flame goes back to the Dark Tournament Saga, during Team Urameshi's match up against Team Uraotogi. Hiei was placed against Kuro Momotaro, who used Hiei's sword to grant himself immunity from bladed attacks. Afterwards, Hiei smashed his sword against Kuro's Armor of the Ape. Despite his best efforts, Hiei was no match for Kuro's Armor of the Phoenix and Armor of the Wolf, and was left at his mercy. Refusing to give up, Hiei draws his broken sword weapon despite Kuro's claim that it was hopeless. Without hesitation, Kuro lashed out at Hiei and sank his teeth into his flesh. blood gushed out onto the arena...only the blood was not Hiei's.

Flames immediately spewed from Kuro's back and Hiei sliced through his armored hide with the Sword of the Darkness Flame, reducing the demon to cinders.

The second time was during the final fight with Shinobu Sensui. After Yusuke died at the hands of the rogue Spirit Detective, Kurama, Kuwabara and Hiei flew into a rage, and challenged Sensui in a head on attack. He uses the Sword of the Darkness twice in the battle, the second time with sword being made entirely out of the flames. However, the technique proved to be completely ineffective against Sensui, who was able to take a direct hit from the attack and emerge unscathed.

Usage Edit

Hiei channels the power of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame into his sword (Demonic Flames in the manga and Japanese version), coating it with deadly green and black flames that increase the sword's cutting power. Because this technique is similar to Spirit Sword, Kuwabara accused Hiei of copying it, Hiei however denied having such inspiration.

Power and Effect Edit

The damage of this technique is basically the same as the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, but on a smaller scale. Regardless, the sword is capable of slashing through incredibly strong defenses, such as Kuro Momotaro's Armor of the Wolf, and reducing Hiei's opponent to ashes. The attack however, is said to be less powerful than the actual Dragon. However, Hiei is able to utilize this attack after empowering himself by absorbing a Dragon. It is not known whether this variation is boosted by Hiei empowering himself however, as the attack was only used once, against Sensui, and it had no effect on him.

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