Spirit Wave

Yusuke Spirit Wave

Reikōdan,Aura Blast,Spirit Light Bullet
Spirit Wave
Spirit Energy
B to A
Blast / Energy
Long(best used at close range)
Yusuke Urameshi, Genkai

The Spirit Wave is a powerful technique created by Genkai in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, and later taught to Yusuke Urameshi.


This technique was created by Genkai for a use primarily in healing. Offensively, the Spirit Wave is able to take down almost any enemy when used most effectively. As Genkai grew older, she held a test of succession, and at its end, it was taught to Yusuke. Yusuke first used the technique in the Dark Tournament. While fighting Jin, Yusuke realized that none of his techniques could defeat him. Thus, Yusuke was forced to use the Spirit Wave, believing it to be the only way to defeat Jin.

Also in the Japanese version of the anime, he later tries to use this attack against Shinobu Sensui during their first battle, but was kicked out of range before he could successfully use it.


First, the user must turn his body into a catalyst of energy. The user then focuses all of their Spirit Energy, thus releasing a powerful flow of energy through the body. During this flow of energy, this flow is directed to a focal point to from which the user's spirit energy will be released. When the user has selected a target, they release a wave of energy. 

In order to properly execute the Spirit Wave to its fullest, intense training must be undergone to properly develop one's spiritual powers to attune the Spirit Wave to be effective.

Effect and PowerEdit

According to Genkai, the Spirit Wave is a flexible technique. As its primary usage is in the arts of healing, one's spirit can be used to heal others.

As an attack, it is capable of being used long range with a wide spread much like the Shot Gun. However, it's most effective when used over a short distance through a punch or a kick. When the energy reaches the target it quickly creates a devastating pressure on the target, and dissipates as it exerts an extreme amount of force onto the target. For example, when the technique was used against Jin, he was launched into the sky, surpassing the clouds. The technique apparently has healing properties, as Yusuke was able to heal the bullet wounds inflicted when Kazuya shot him. It is unknown how powerful this technique has become after Yusuke awakenked his Mazoku demon heirtage.

Collateral EffectsEdit

Unlike the Spirit Gun, the Spirit Wave's offensive usage requires the use of all the Spirit Energy of the User, so the technique is restricted to a single attack. If the User is unable to defeat his opponent with a single attack, they will no longer have the energy to continue fighting.