Spirit-Gun Mega


Chō Reigan
Spirit-Gun Mega
Spirit Energy
Projectile / Energy
Yusuke Urameshi
Spirit Mega-Gun is the most powerful version of Spirit-Gun common, being more powerful, and with a destructive capacity incalculable.


The whole basis of the Mega-Gun Spirit, is identical to the Spirit-Gun, Yusuke technique will form exactly, ready after the coup, he continues to focus energy making the energy grow, it continues to focus the energy until it reaches a critical mass, and then pulls an imaginary trigger released into a cannonball of pure energy.
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As the technique gives way, it is very similar to Spirit-Gun during their training process, but when it reaches critical mass, its size expands to a sphere of blue energy, greater than the actual whole body of Yusuke.
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Effects and PowerEdit

Compared to the Spirit-Gun is common technique is hundreds of times more powerful than the original Spirit-Gun. When the energy reaches a target, it potentially kills instantly and generates a powerful blast of atomic levels, completely destroying both the target and the region, energy forms a dome of energy that expands will proportions of many square miles, then explodes in a mushroom cloud of smoke. When used against Yomi, the energy completely destroyed the place, causing profound damage to the rock structure of the region, and creating holes and cracks kilometer, as well as waterfalls and seas of fire as a result of it being enhanced by both spirit and demon energy. It is virtually impossible to stop this technique, as it was shown that the Demon Energy Absorption Wall of Yomi was easily destroyed, since Yusuke enhanced the attack with both spirit and demon energy. When used against Toguro, Toguro was able to hold and squeeze the ball, however even managing to defend, however the physical damage of the attack and him using life enegy resulted in his death.

Collateral EffectsEdit

A major problem with this technique is that it requires all the energy from the user. Therefore, it can cause physical and energetic problems, such as prolonged pain, loss of energy and spiritual awareness and potentially death. This technique usually disables the opponent. After using it, Yusuke usually loses consciousness for a few moments, or is too weak to continue the fight, due to extreme stress. Fortunately, Yusuke learned to work around this after his rebirth with yokai blood, since he got a huge amount of spirit and demon energy.

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