Demon (Mazoku)
100 - 150 days
Power level
S-Class Demon
Yomi (father)


Shura (修羅 Shura) is the cloned son of Yomi and a participant in the Demon World Tournament. He is voiced by Ikue Otani in the original Japanese and Aaron Dismuke in the English dub. In the Filipino dub of the anime, he was voiced by Rowena Raganit.


As expected of a child, Shura can be childish and infantile; however, his father trained him extensively before the tournament, making him an analytical and ruthless fighter. Due possibly to his age, Shura is stubborn and extremely persistent, continuing to fight Yomi even after realizing that he is clearly outmatched. He thinks very highly of himself, stating that Yusuke is weak, and that he'll beat Yusuke in the next Demon World tournament, also stating Yusuke is childish, when he himself is very immature.[1]


Saga of the Three Kings/Demon World Tournament ArcEdit

He was created so that Yomi would have a better chance of winning the Demon World Tournament.[2] He fights Yomi in the tournament preliminaries, and refuses to back down, but is defeated.[3] He eventually gives up and cheers his father on afterward, helping him win against Yusuke.[4][5]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Shura's fighting style is based around a combination of different energy based attacks, as well as rapid, unrelenting hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, Shura is also demonstrated to be quite a sneaky fighter, as he lured his father into a false sense of victory, and responded with his strongest attack at point blank range. Shura does wield great amounts of power, however, it is a moot point when faced with opponents of greater age and equal strength as he does not have the experience needed to adapt to new situations as quickly as more veteran fighters. His power level is 80,000 before emerging from his cloning chamber.

Known Techniques/MovesEdit

  • Vlcsnap-2011-03-27-20h36m10s250

    Shura prepares his energy

    Binded Darts: A scattershot blasting technique capable of a decent amount of damage, causing multiple explosions as they collide with their target. It did not damage Yomi in any way. Not officially named.[6]
  • Vlcsnap-2011-03-27-20h31m47s186

    Demon Spiral.

    Demon Spiral (魔円咬, Ma En Kō, translated as Biting Demon Circles): Shura spins around like a top and unleashes random bursts of yellow-colored Demon Energy in a unique scattershot technique that head towards their opponent in a formation resembling a hollowed-out cylinder. It was useless against Yomi's Demon Energy Absorption Wall; used the term Hissatsu (必殺, translated as Sure Kill) when he used this technique, but it was not officially classified as such.[7]
  • Vlcsnap-2011-03-27-20h32m11s164

    Shura's Strongest Attack

    Shura has also shown the ability to create a huge, nuke sized blast of energy that completely wiped out a large portion of a forest. Yomi was able to take this attack at point-blank range with no visible injury. Shura commented that it was his best attack.[8]
  • Teleportation


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