Rugby (or Rudby, Japanese translation is Ragubi) is an anime-only member of the Dark Tournament team Spirit Warriors, and the former fifth member of that team, after the alternate and true leader Topaz killed him, for trying to kill Yusuke Urameshi before he could. He was voiced by Nobuaki Fukuda in the Japanese version and by Bob Carter in the English dub.


Rugby is a skeletal faced demon with a pale-white skinned yet muscular body, dark magenta hair, gray shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, military green pants with dark blue boots, knee guards and a yellow visor. This is a striking contrast with the rest of his overweight and large team and bears closer resemblance to American football players which he is heavily implied to be based on. Like most weak demons, he is quick to act on his instinctive desire to kill those who threaten him, and would not stop even if his superior demanded it.


Rugby death

Yusuke watches as Topaz kills Rugby

Rugby tries to kill Yusuke when he was still recovering from his fight with Chu to discover his Spirit Gun, only to be stopped by his leader Topaz. He doesn't heed his warning and is killed as a result.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rugby ball materialized

Rugby materializing his ball

Materialization: Rugby is able to produce a gray rugby ball that hones in on the enemy and explodes on contact. Despite his materialization abilities, it is unlikely that he is a Quest Class demon.


  • Rugby is one of the few anime-only characters in the series.
  • Rugby has got the same type visor that Scott Summers of the X-men wears, but without the ruby quartz lens.
  • Rugby makes an appearance as a boss in Tournament Tactics.
  • Rugby's inclusion in the anime appears to be foreshadowing of events involving Yusuke Urameshi in the Chapter Black Saga. Rugby speaks the phrase: "This human has somehow stolen our demon powers." This scene comes immediately before a scene where Keiko makes a related statement.
  • Rugby's powers are noticably similar to Razor's Nen ability from Hunter x Hunter. Both abilities involve the user emitting a ball of pure energy that can explode once it comes into contact.