The Orb of Baast

The Orb of Baast (餓鬼玉, Gakidama, literally translated as Hungry Ghost Gem, VIZ translation, Rapacious Orb) is one of Spirit World's Three Artifacts of Darkness. Its purpose is simple; to extract and contain the souls of any human it comes across.



Gouki with the Orb of Baast

Gōki stole this device from Spirit World's most heavily guarded vault. Subsequently, he used its power to extract the souls of multiple humans, including children, which he then consumed for sustenance. It was returned at the conclusion of Yusuke Urameshi's first case as a Spirit Detective.


  • The gaki (餓鬼) refers to the preta, the perpetually-dissatisfied ghosts of Buddhist mythology, but is also a modern colloquial term for bratty children.
  • Just like the other two artifacts, the orb is a reference to one of the three sacred treasures of Japan, specifically the Yasakani jewel.


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