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Musashi (武蔵, translates as storehouse of the militant) is a wandering swordsman who has taken it upon himself to hunt down demons wherever he finds them.


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He appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties and wears a white uwagi (うわぎ, Japanese coat) over a dark-gray hakama (袴, Japanese pants), as well as a pair of white tabi (足袋, lit. "foot pouch"; traditional Japanese socks) beneath a pair of waraji (草鞋 [わらじ], traditional Japanese straw sandals). His most-noticeable feature is the patch over his left eye. He is voiced by Bill Townsley.


He is a wandering swordsman and practices Shinbattō-ryu kendō (真抜刀流剣道, translated as, Path/Way of the True Unsheathed Sword Style) and a demon hunter. He was looking to become Genkai's pupil.

He was able to pass the three qualifying rounds of the Genkai Tournament. He lost to Kuwabara in the first match of the Genkai Tornament, mainly because he underestimated Kuwabara's pain endurance and spirit energy reserves.


He carries around a bokutō (木刀, lit. wood sword) that was cut from a sacred tree and submerged in sanctified waters; it's apparently capable of killing lesser demons.


Musashi has the ability to cloak his Spirit Energy, which enables him to sneak up on people, even those with high Spirit Awareness like Kuwabara.


  • YYU-EP10-097

    Shibatto Shining Sword

    Shibatto Shining Sword (真抜刀流・光子劍, Shin Battō Ryu: Kōshi Ken, translated as True Unsheathed Blade Style: Photon Sword): This technique has Musashi infusing his weapon with his Spirit Energy, and because the wooden blade is already soaked in latent Spirit Energy, a reaction occurs that allows Musashi to deliver more force with each blow than would normally be attributed to such a weapon. In addition, it can kill weaker demons. The sword itself was made by cutting down a 1000-year old tree and dipped in holy water, making in the perfect demon-slaying weapon. [1]
  • Unfortunately for Musashi, the blade broke against Kuwabara's body, which had been toughened up from all the beatings he'd gotten from Yusuke, and the broken piece would be what would enable Kuwabara to form his Spirit Sword for the first time and vanquish Musashi in the Genkai Tournament.


  • His name is incorrectly spelled 'MUSHASHI" on his YuYuHakushoTCG card.
  • Musashi may be named after famous real-life samurai Miyamoto Musashi.


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