Murugu (ムルグ, Murugu) is Suzaku's assistant and pet. While he is quite fond of her, she is considered an annoyance. She is very loyal to Suzaku, and only follows his orders.



She acts as a spy for Maze Castle, giving Suzaku information whenever he asks it of her. Murugu apparently has the ability to pass though the barrier, containing both Maze Castle and the demon city it overshadows, as well as travel between the Human and Demon Worlds; that was how she first informed Suzaku of Keiko when he sent her to gather information on Yusuke.

Spirit Detective SagaEdit

Murugu first appears after Hiei disapatches Seiryū, she had been sent to the human world to gather information on Yusuke Urameshi while he and his group were fighting Genbu and Byakko. She informs him that Yusuke is very close to Keiko Yukimura which gives Suzuke the idea to instruct the infected humans on earth to kill her with the Makai whistle.

When Yusuke confronted Suzaku, she observed the entire fight, never missing a chance to taunt Yusuke over both his and Keiko's situations. Twice Murugu offered to hold the whistle while Suzaku fought but he didn't want to risk Yusuke stealing the whistle from her or making her a target. At one point she got directly invoked in the fight when she kept the whistle out of Yusuke's reach while Suzuku was knocked out and though he managed to scare her away with a successful bluff it stalled him long enough for Suzaku to recover.

Murugu was ultimately killed, along with her master, when Yusuke's final attack destroyed both of them, the Demon World Insect Whistle (Makai Whistle in the anime), and much of Suzaku's watchtower.


(to Yusuke) "You're going to die! You're going to die!"

(about Keiko) "She's going to die! She's going to die!"

(last words) "Suzaku!"


  • While in the anime Murugu is clearly shown being disintegrated by Yusuke, in the manga she is never shown actually dying.