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Miyuki (魅由鬼, Miyuki) is the leader of the Apparition Gang's elite unit, the Triad

She is voiced by Ako Mayama in the Japanese version and Peggy Patterson in the English dub.


Miyuki is a pale-skinned ogre with waist-length blue hair, dark-brown eyes and a straight pointed horn in the middle of her forehead.

In the anime she wears a red qipao with gold trim with an opening on her left side, showing off her left leg. Additionally, she wears a long-sleeved white undershirt, blue sandals on her feet, and a blue sash around her waist.

In the manga she retains the undershirt and the sash. However, unlike the anime, she wears a martial arts dress and pants (not dissimilar to Genkai). In the manga, she does not show off her left leg.


Miyuki is the spokeswoman of the Triad as seen during her interactions with the Black Black Club and Genkai. During both appearances, she speaks on behalf of her team whereas Inmaki and Gokumanki are silent after introducing themselves.

Miyuki greatly dislikes sexist behavior and her gender is a sensitive topic for her. Should anyone comment on it in an unsavory manner, she will become upset and possibly lash out. This is shown when she reacts negatively to Kuwabara's comment that he can not fight a girl and when she comes to the conclusion that Yusuke was fighting her aggressively due to her situation.

On the other hand, Miyuki has shown to react positively when someone either expresses gender equality or is shown to be supportive of her goals in relation to her gender. This was shown at the beginning of their fight, when Yusuke expressed that he was willing to fight anyone regardless of gender, and at the end of their fight when (in the Japanese version) she admitted defeat after Yusuke encouraged Miyuki to completely finish her transition.

Miyuki outwardly claims (in the Japanese version) that she has the heart of a woman but the body of a man. Yusuke, however, believes that Miyuki is lying to herself. Miyuki's decision to forgo surgically removing her male genitalia, despite transitioning the rest of her body (including surgically adding breast implants) proved that her male genitalia still held some meaning for Miyuki. As such, Yusuke believes that deep down Miyuki did not truly make up her mind on whether she wanted to be a boy or a girl.

when fighting, Miyuki has shown to have a sadistic side. her preferred method of torturing Yusuke (which was the only time she managed to injure her) was to bind his neck with her whip and slowly pull him up to the ceiling. Additionally, she commented that she was going to enjoy torturing Yusuke while revealing the pointed handle of the whip. When she was not in a position to choke her opponent, she has shown to be constantly on the offense, only retreating once while on the ceiling. Despite her preference for close-quarters hand to hand combat, her skills were shown to be inferior to Yusuke's as she did not manage to land a single punch or karate chop on him.

Defensively, Miyuki has shown to possesses the most endurance of the Triad. Miyuki was able to withstand two punches to the chest, a jump on her stomach, falling from the ceiling, being kicked through a wall, and finally getting thrown at another wall. Additionally, Yusuke had to employ psychological tactics to injure her emotionally. In comparison, both of her teammates were knocked out after one attack.


After Yusuke and Kuwabara defeat the demons guarding the outside of Tarukane's compound, Tarukane introduces his next group of demons to the Black Black Club: the Triad. Appearing before Tarukane, the Toguro Brothers, and the Black Black Club, Miyuki introduces herself as "Demon One".

Tarukane then asks the Black Black Club if they would like to place a wager on the fight. Once again, Sakyo wages that "the intruders" will defeat the Triad whereas the rest of the Black Black Club wagers that the Triad will defeat "the intruders". As the other members of the Black Black Club express disbelief at Sakyo's wager, Miyuki comments that Sakyo "isn't thinking with his brain". Tarukane then angrily snaps that no one asked Miyuki for her opinion. He only hired them to dispose of the intruders. Miyuki then affirms that the Triad will take care of the intruders as they take their leave.

In the manga, Yusuke and Kuwabara enter the compound to find a corridor of Tarukane's men firing their guns at the gang as Yusuke and Kuwabara easily dispatch Tarukane's men while taunting them about the quality of their attacks. As Tarukane's men express their disbelief that Yusuke and Kuwabara are too powerful, Miyuki places her hand on one of the men's shoulder and asks him to step aside.

Introducing herself, she quickly jumps up and kicks the ground where Yusuke and Kuwabara were standing, creating a crack. Kuwabara then exclaims that he can't fight Miyuki as she is a girl. Giving the duo a cute look, Miyuki lets them know that she will not show them any mercy regardless of their chivalry.

Yusuke then declares that he will fight Miyuki, while also saying that he "needs to make sure" first. Exchanging blows, Miyuki clutches her chest while declaring Yusuke an impertinent whelp. Yusuke then warns Miyuki that his tactics should give Miyuki an idea of what she is up against. Telling Yusuke to be silent, she attempts to attack. However, Yusuke manages to land a punch on Miyuki's left cheek, sending her falling to the floor and knocking her briefly unconscious.

Kuwabara then expresses his disbelief that Yusuke would attack Miyuki so aggressively. Yusuke, however, reveals that Miyuki is a "demon crossdresser" and that he would have gone easier on a "real girl" as Yusuke then explained what happened during their first exchange. After jumping in the air, Miyuki attempted to punch Yusuke. Yusuke merely brushes her arm aside with his right hand and groped her breast with his left hand. As Yusuke notes to himself that her breast feels like it could be either an implant or a padding, Miyuki attempts to use her left fist to punch Yusuke. However, he once again brushes her arm away and reaches underneath her dress to feel her private area, causing Miyuki visible discomfort.

After Kuwabara expresses his disbelief that he did not see any of the interaction, Miyuki regains consciousness. Lying on the floor with a swollen cheek, Miyuki accuses Yusuke of beating on her because "she's different". Miyuki then sadly corrects Yusuke by explaining that she's not a "demon crossdresser", but rather a man in body but having the soul of a woman.

Yusuke then argues back that Miyuki is not a "real crossdresser", but someone who can't "make up her mind". He then advises her to make up her mind before she gets into any more fights. With Yusuke's words having a deep impact, Miyuki puts her face in her arms and sadly admits that Yusuke was right about her situation.

In the anime, Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan enter the mansion. Looking down a seemingly empty corridor, Miyuki confronts the trio. Introducing herself, she seductively asks "the intruders" if they would like a fight.

Noting the trio's silence, Miyuki once again asks a stunned Yusuke and Kuwabara which one would like to fight her first. Kuwabara refuses on the grounds that she is a woman. Miyuki expresses disapproval of Kuwabara's chivalry by calling him a "gentleman" and defining the team as "a pawn of insecure males seeking to own their women". Noting Kuwabara's discomfort at fighting Miyuki, Yusuke decides to fight her, much to Kuwabara's chagrin. Miyuki reacts positively and establishes the rules for their fight- an equal playing field, anything goes.

Because of the fuss about Miyuki's gender, Yusuke comments that he's going to make sure first. The two then jump in the air, towards each other, ready to attack each other. After the exchange, Yusuke manages to land on his feet whereas Miyuki kneels down and holds her chest protectively.

Miyuki's cheeks red with embarrassment, she accuses Yusuke of being a pervert. Yusuke then reveals to Miyuki that he knows her secret, in such a way that doesn't give it away to Botan and Kuwabara. Calling Miyuki a "Lady", he tells her that she has no chance of winning their fight. Miyuki responds by telling Yusuke to shut up.

Proceeding to take a strand of hair from her bangs, she channels her demon energy through her hair, turning it into a whip. Cracking her whip towards Yusuke, he manages to dodge her, albeit falling to the floor in the process. With Yusuke's first attack still fresh in her mind, she claims that Yusuke would not have attacked her, in the manner that she did, if she were a man. She then lashes her whip at Yusuke, wrapping it around his neck.

Trying to process Miyuki's accusation towards Yusuke, Kuwabara realizes that Yusuke groped Miyuki's right breast during their first exchange. As Yusuke struggles with Miyuki's whip, Kuwabara berates Yusuke's earlier attack by telling him that he deserves to be choked. Miyuki then jumps up and punches a hole into the ceiling, hoisting Yusuke up by the throat with her whip. As Miyuki hoists Yusuke through the air, she reveals that the handle of the whip has a pointed end.

Yusuke manages to use the whip as a makeshift-swing and breaks another hole in the ceiling, reaching Miyuki. Releasing himself from Miyuki's whip, Yusuke laughs in a shocked Miyuki's face. Miyuki then attempts to retreat. However, Yusuke manages to catch up to Miyuki and punch her chest, knocking her down and losing her whip in the process. As Miyuki lays on the floor, wincing from the pain, Yusuke takes the opportunity to jump onto her stomach, causing both of them to fall through the roof.

Falling face down on the ground, Miyuki angrily gets up to attack Yusuke. However, Yusuke manages to land another punch on her chest, knocking her to the ground once again. Kuwabara once again berates Yusuke again for hitting a girl. As Yusuke and Kuwabara continue to argue, Miyuki takes advantage of her opponent's distraction to attempt to attack him. Yusuke, however, manages to hear her running towards him and kicks her in the face. His last attack forces Miyuki headfirst into a wall, making another hole and knocking her briefly unconscious.

Kuwabara then attempts to fight Yusuke for aggressively attacking Miyuki, noting specifically that Yusuke didn't have to knock Miyuki's head into a wall. Yusuke finally (and reluctantly) reveals Miyuki's secret to the group. Despite looking like a girl, Miyuki is biologically a male demon. A stunned Kuwabara and Botan asked Yusuke how he knows that. Yusuke then reveals what happened during their first exchange.

After jumping in the air, Miyuki attempted a karate-chop, at Yusuke's head, with her left hand. With her chest now exposed, Yusuke then feels Miyuki's right breast with his left hand. Yusuke muses to himself that Miyuki's breast felt like it was either an implant or an injection and that it just bulged out (as stated in the Japanese version). Meanwhile, a shocked Miyuki angrily uses her right hand to punch Yusuke's head. As Yusuke dodges her punch, Miyuki's eyes widen as she knows what Yusuke is about to do next. Powerless to stop him, a curious Yusuke was successfully able to gently feel "the family jewels" between Miyuki's legs. Immediately after her ordeal, Miyuki can only glare at Yusuke, knowing that she was able to deduce that she has a male body, by the disgusted look on her face.

After Yusuke finishes his explanation, Miyuki regains consciousness. Her feelings hurt, Miyuki accuses Yusuke of thinking that she is a freak. With tears in her eyes, Miyuki mocks Yusuke by sarcastically asking him if she's afraid that her personality would rub off on him. With her feelings of self-pity turning into anger, Miyuki attempts to get up for one final attack. Yusuke, however tells her to shut up while aggressively grabbing her by her collar and the front of her waist. The pain of Yusuke's hold stuns Miyuki long enough for Yusuke to lift her over his head.

Noting, and despite all of the hard work Miyuki placed into transitioning her body; obtaining breast implants, taking hormone therapy to obtain a feminine voice and body, wearing a qipao to show off her leg, and wearing purple lipstick, Yusuke felt that Miyuki had not truly made up her mind on whether she wanted to be a man or a woman. Expressing his disapproval of her single decision to keep her male genitalia by saying, "if you're gonna be a man, do it all the way not halfway!". Yusuke felt that Miyuki should either keep her body as male to match her genitalia or completely finish her transition by surgically removing her family jewels to match the rest of her transitioned body. His lecture finished, he then throws Miyuki at the wall in front of them.

Screaming in fear, Miyuki hits the wall, headfirst, hard enough to make a crack, Falling to the floor, she manages to regain consciousness for enough time to hear Yusuke tell her that he is only fighting Miyuki to save Yukina. The amount of aggressiveness during their fight had nothing to do with her gender. With her eyes on the verge of tears, a physically and emotionally injured Miyuki takes one final look at Yusuke before falling unconscious.

After being defeated, Kuwabara, with his eyes widened, once again asks Yusuke if he's positive that Miyuki is boy as he takes a final look at Miyuki's unconscious body: a peaceful face, arms spread apart, and left leg still showing against the backdrop of her qipao. Enchanted by Miyuki's body and saying that "she looks so pretty", Kuwabara grabs the opening of Miyuki's qipao, meant for displaying Miyuki's left leg, with the intention of visually inspecting Miyuki's genitalia. Seeing that Miyuki was unable to either consent or object to Kuwabara lifting up her qipao, Botan whacked Kuwabara over the head with her oar whilst calling him a jerk.

Later, while running down a hallway, Kuwabara asked Yusuke what he would have done if Miyuki was a girl. Yusuke responded by saying that he would not have complained. Kuwabara then threatens to blackmail Yusuke by telling Keiko what he said.

In the manga, Miyuki makes one final appearance with the rest of the Triad. Her appearance is relatively the same as when she fought Yusuke. However, she now wears a bandage on her cheek where Yusuke punched her. Despite this, the swelling on her cheek has subsided showing signs that it is slowly healing.

Visiting Genkai at her Temple, Miyuki and the rest of the Triad extend an official invitation to Genkai to be a guest at the Dark Tournament. Telling the Triad that her prize for winning the previous tournament was permanent disqualification, she told the Triad to go back to Toguro to remind him of his prize. Miyuki then reveals, to Genkai, that Yusuke was also invited to the tournament and asks if he still refuses. Miyuki ends their conversation by revealing that Kurama and Hiei were also invited, and that Toguro believes that the tournament will have had the best lineup since Toguro and Genkai were guests.

In the anime adaption of the same scene, Miyuki and the Triad are replaced by two unnamed representatives of the Dark Tournament Committee. Miyuki herself is replaced by a woman wearing a cloak and sunglasses. The woman shares some similarities to Miyuki, namely her blue hair and purple lipstick. However, unlike Miyuki, the woman's ears are rounded and she lacks a horn on her forehead.

Powers and Abilities[]

Miyuki's whip

  • Hair Whip: In the anime, Miyuki demonstrates the ability to transform a strand of her hair into a blue whip during her fight with Yusuke Urameshi. Although it is not nearly as deadly as Kurama's Rose Whip, it allows her to choke them or hinder their movements. The other end of her whip has a pointed tip, but its uses are never demonstrated.


  • Her name Miyuki means "Ogre of Enchantment" (魅由鬼).
    • It was originally spelled incorrectly in the credits.


  • When the episode aired on Cartoon Network, Miyuki's secret of being a trans-woman was omitted. Instead, Miyuki's secret was that she constantly fakes her injuries while fighting since, in her eyes, men have always viewed her about to break, so she decided to use that against her male opponents.
  • Miyuki uses a hair whip in the anime, but in the manga she only uses martial arts.
  • Miyuki is one of two characters whose breasts were groped by Yusuke.
    • The other character was Keiko Yukimura. However, during that incident, Yusuke was a ghost possessing Kuwabara.
  • Miyuki is the only female demon in the series to fight against Yusuke.
  • Since the name "Miyuki" is generally considered to be a feminine name in Japan, it is unknown whether "Miyuki" was the name given to her at birth or if she picked it out herself after she transitioned.
  • In the English dub, Miyuki is the self proclaimed "Demon One" of the Triad.
    • This might be intentionally ironic, considering 'three' in Japanese can also be read as 'mi'.
    • Additionally, each Triad member's title corresponds to the number of horns on their forehead. In Miyuki's case, she has one horn.



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