Meikai Gods

The Four Gods of the Netherworld (Meikai). Along with Reikai, Meikai was originally another underworld, (presumably where demons went to after death, while humans went to Reikai, the Spirit World). However, after a war between the two worlds Reikai was victorious and absorbed Meikai. Yakumo and his gods survived, however, and planned their revenge.


They have a humanoid appearence. Some also have have an aspect resembling that of an oni.

Meikai DeitiesEdit

Yakumo - The God of Meikai. He was defeated by Enma in the past and tries to gain the Power Sphere in order to have his revenge and create a new Netherrealm. His attacks are mainly energy-based.

Raiko - Yakumo's right hand man. He possesses a Jagan, just like Hiei, only his seems to be much more powerful with much greater hypnotic abilities. He can also summon a blade of energy to counter Hiei's sword. His overconfidence in his hypnotic abilities was his downfall.

Majari - An effeminate Meikai God with mirror-based abilities. He can mimic the appearance of another behind a surface of water, and seems skilled in predicting movements as well. His main special ability is to mimic his opponent's techniques in a manner similar to Rando. Despite his great skill at technique, he seems to be extremely physically weak once he cannot access his energy.

Kaiki - A Meikai God with the ability to transform. He seems to have the ability to read memories, and deceived Kurama into believing that he had killed his best friend, Kuronue. He mainly uses two circular scythes attaches to ropes as weapons, which emit hypnotic noises that presumably allows him to induce illusions.


They all have cross like marks on their heads, representative of their subservience to the Netherworld.

Swordsman Twins - Two swordsmen who attack and are killed by Hiei.

Generic Meikai Soldiers - They resemble normal demons that wear armor. Killed by Kuwabara and Yusuke. 



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