The way you are supposed to edit this wiki and the rules for doing so.

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  • This wiki is about YuYu Hakusho, not about any other anime/manga.
  • Even if obscene information is seen in the anime, we prefer not to use it (i.e. Miyuki actually being a transvestite).
Note: if necessary, put in the trivia section
  • Curse words in articles is unacceptable
  • Do not copy information from wikipedia unless you properly attribute it. (see Template:Wikipedia)


The order of information in articles.


Appearance: the way the character looks.

Personality: how the character acts and their relationship with others.

History: their past before the main storyline.

Synopsis: the character's story in the show, listed in chronological order.

Note: use the third header for each saga to separate the section.

Techniques/Moves: the techniques used by the character in combat.

Relationships: explanations of the character's key relationships to others in the series

Trivia: other information belongs in this field.

Quotes: what the character says or dialogue featuring the character

References: citations for where you gleaned your information

Navigation: where navigation templates are to be placed


  • GIF files will be accepted, but only for techniques that one is needed. Also, it must be large enough to see.
  • For profile pictures, try and use the official one from the dub site. If they are not on there, use a screencap.
Note: must be saved as a thumb with 190 pixels.
  • No putting blurry or small images in character articles.
  • Avoid uploading images that are not related to YuYu Hakusho.
  • Avoid uploading of duplicates.


  • Do not use [[Kurama|Kurama]], when [[Kurama]] is acceptable.
  • Do not bypass a redirect by using [[Shinobu Sensui|Sensui]], make use of redirects by creating the page [[Sensui]].
Note: to create a redirect simply put #redirect [[Page Name]]