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Natsume (Twin Sister), Toshin Raizen (Friend), Yusuke Urameshi (Ally)
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Kujō (九浄, Kujō) is one of Raizen's former friends and training partners, and the twin brother of Natsume (only in the anime). After Raizen's death, he allied with Yusuke and participated in the Makai tournament.

He is voiced by Mitsuaki Madono in the Japanese version and by Donnie Franks in the English dub.

Appearance Edit

Kujō is very lean and muscular. In the Makai Tournament, Kujō wore a dark sleeveless shirt along with matching pants. His dark hair tends to stand on end. He also wore bandages wrapped around his wrists down to his forearm. In the manga, his spikes are much shorter, and he has a much less distinctive face, giving him a rather generic appearance.

Personality Edit

At first, Kujō seemed to be somewhat cocky as seen in his battle with Touya, telling the ice master he knows humans with more power than him. However, Kujou later displayed that he is a sportsman-like fighter, saving Touya before he fell into the lake and allowing himself to be weakened by Touya's ice so he could fight with him on an even level. He was shown shaking hands with the ice master later. In the manga he shows a much more mocking, belitting personality, especially towards Chu.

Synopsis Edit

Three Kings SagaEdit

Kujō is an Upper S-Class Demon who used to be friends with Raizen. He competes in the Makai Tournament along with his sister and friends/allies (i.e. Enki, Kokou, Saizou, Shu, Den-Hou, Natsume, Tetsuzan, Souketsu, Yusuke). He ends up battling Toya in the tournament. Toya puts up a good fight (partially because Toya drains him of some of his demon energy). However in the end, Toya ultimately loses the battle. He later defeats Enki's wife Kokou but is beaten by Saizou, another friend of Raizen.

Later he is seen talking to his sister, who had been training Chu, asking her how he's doing. She tells him that Chu is indeed getting stronger all the time and it is entirely possible for him to become as strong as her. Kujō then asks her if she'll go out with him then, which she replies to with a sharp no. Kujō proceeds to mock Chu, whom Natsume quickly defends, saying that no one knows what the future holds. Surprised by this remark, Kujō quietly agrees with her.

Abilities Edit

Although not much of Kujou was seen in battle, it can be assumed he is extremely powerful, since he is an Upper S class demon and a former sparring partner of Raizen. In the Demon World Tournament, he was powerful enough to defeat the improved S-class Touya, even with diminished Youki. Yomi commmented all of Raizen's friends were a match for him. Even so, all of Raizen's old friends are out of practice, as stated by Enki.

  • During his fight with Touya, Kujō showed the ability to use a yellow blast of demon energy that traveled a long distance, creating explosions in its path.