Kotei (流石 Sasuga) is a demoness who competed in the Demon World Tournament on a dare. She is called Sasuga in the English dub as well as in the Viz manga, being known as Kotei only in the original manga.

She is voiced by Mika Kanai in the Japanese version and by Meredith McCoy in the English dub.


She wears rather simple clothes, with brown hair and blue eyes. In the manga, her clothes are more "demon-like". Like most female demons in the series, she is portrayed as beautiful. Judging by her ears and tail, she seems to be a monkey demon.


Kotei is very sure of herself. She immediately makes friends with Rinku, who immediately falls for her. She enjoys teasing him and running around, flattered by his attention. However, going by the manga and episode 107, where she's running away from Rinku, annoyed, she doesn't make good friends with him until her loss in the Tournament, as shown by her and Rinku watching Chu and Natsume.


Three Kings SagaEdit

Kotei joined the tournament on a dare when her friends joined, but she was the only one to pass the preliminaries. When Kotei first introduces herself to Rinku, he falls in love with her. During the tournament, she defeats the lovestruck Rinku, causing Touya to consider him a hypocrite for criticizing a lovestruck Chu for forfeiting Natsume. It is unknown how far she lasted, but she didn't last past round 3 of her D Block at most. For the rest of the saga, she is seen hanging out with Rinku.


In the manga-only epilogue, where Chu is training with Natsume, both her and Rinku can be seen watching them on a nearby cliff face. Both Rinku and she state that Chu should stop chasing after Natsume.


  • Kotei is likely an A+ or S- class demon.
  • It is speculated that she was eventually stymied by Mukuro in the third round of the tournament, before the latter fought Natsume.