Kokoda (ここだ) is the son of Shiori Minamino's new husband, and is Kurama's human step-brother. In the original Japanese anime, he was also named Shuichi (the same as Kurama's alias), resulting in the name change in the English Dub. His full name in the original manga is Shuichi Hatanaka.  He is voiced by Eric Vale in the English FUNimation dub and Yumi Fukamizu in Japanese.


Kokoda is very cheerful and looks up to his step-brother. When possessed by the parasite however, he becomes more reserved and mocking.


During his return to Human World at Yomi's behest to collect Shishiwakamaru, Jin, Toya, Chu, Rinku and Suzuka, Kurama's new step-brother was possessed by Kara, a low-level parasite demon, at the behest of Shachi, the former chief of Yomi's military. Kurama threatened the parasite and made him betray his master, feeding Shachi lies that Kurama did not plan on coming back. When Kurama cut Shachi down, the parasite left Shuichi in search of another host. Kokoda wears a blank expression on his face, as if he doesn't remember anything that happened.


  • His dub name was taken from a scene where Kurama called out to him in his original Japanese line, "I'm here" (Koko da).
  • His original name is also Shuichi just like Kurama.