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Kibano (牙野, Kibano translated as place of fangs) was a competitor in Genkai's Disciple Selection Tournament.  He is voiced by Chris Rager in the FUNimation English dub and Hidetoshi Nakamura in Japanese.


Kibano was a martial artist who was, in the anime, a self-proclaimed master of all the world's martial arts. In the manga, however, he is merely a practitioner of multiple fighting styles. He competed in Genkai's tournament, ostensibly to become stronger. He was defeated by Yusuke in the first round due to a cigarette being placed on his belt and the lit cigarette marked his location allowing Yusuke to hit him accurately with his spirit gun. It is unknown if he died or if he was merely incapacitated. Though it can be reasonably assumed that he survived, as his spirit gun couldn't even kill Iwamoto at the time. It is also later stated by the Doctor that Yusuke had "Never killed a human before." 


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He has green hair, black facial hair and a pair of scars that fell past both of his eyes. He wore a standard karate uniform with a black belt and gray undershirt.


During his fight with Yusuke in the first rounds of the Genkai Tournament, he revealed a metallic mask "Of his own creation" that allowed him to boost his spiritual awareness by sacrificing his other senses. He uses this to get an advantage on Yusuke. It was destroyed by Yusuke's spirit gun upon his defeat.


  • Physical Intensification.

    Physical Intensification: Kibano absorbs energy from his environment in order to temporarily swell the muscles in his arm and increase his strength in order to deliver an overpowered blows that can deal out some serious pain. Genkai comments on this saying that it is a "Basic Technique."[1]
    • Big Arm Bomber

      Big Arm Bomber (大腕硬爆衝, Dai Wan Kō Baku Shō, literally translated as Great Strong Arm Explosive Charge): With his powered up arm, Kibano charges his opponent and slams the arm into them. Basically the attack has the sort of impact a powered up punch would.
  • Banzai Missile

    Banzai Missile (斬投旋風撃, Zan Tō Senpū Geki, literally translated as Decapitating Throwing Whirlwind Strike): This attack is a wrestling move whereby Kibano grabs his opponent and swings him/her over his head several times before tossing them away from him, causing them to spin wildly into the ground.[2]


  • The cigarette that was used to defeat Kibano belonged to Yusuke in the manga. Since Yusuke's smoking habits were omitted from the anime, the plot line was changed to where the cigarette belonged to Genkai that he found still lit on the floor, after she angrily threw at him at the start of the match for an insensitive comment.
  • The edited English dub that was shown on Cartoon Network removed the cigarette and it was instead made to look like that Yusuke defeated Kibano out of pure luck.


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