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The Kekkai Barrier

The Kekkai (結界) is a net-like energy barrier, established by the Great King Enma, that divides Demon World from Human World, resting in the pseudo space. Only demons below A-class can pass through it. A more powerful net was going to be made, but net energy was the energy most easily spread, to cover the distance in the pseudo space.


Knowing that they could not defeat the S-Class demons living in Demon World, the leaders of Spirit World raised a barrier around the pseudo space around Demon World in the form of a net to stop A and S Class demons from entering the human world. Due to limited resources, the barrier could not extend to blocking B Class demons from entering the human world if a functioning portal was available but remained as a way to avoid endless bloodbaths and armageddons between the forces of Spirit and Demon World for centuries.

It was cut down by Kazuma Kuwabara, and his newly-developed Jigen Tō, while chasing Shinobu Sensui along with Kurama and Hiei, to Demon World during the Chapter Black Saga. The barrier was rebuilt by the Special Defense Force of Spirit World.