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Kaname Hagiri (刃霧要, Hagiri Kaname), more commonly known as Sniper (狙撃手スナイパー, Sunaipā), is a former member of the Sensui Seven.


Despite being a psychic with incredible power, Kaname appears to be a regular teenager. He is often seen wearing a red leather jacket with a gray belted collar in the center, a dirty white loose undershirt, charcoal gray jeans and black shoes. He has pale skin, violet eyes, almost concealed by his long black hair. He is also often seen riding his motorcycle. He slightly resembles Yusuke without his hair slicked back and a less expressive face, most noticeably his narrower eyes. He vaguely resembles the older version of Koenma.

In the epilogue of the Chapter Black saga, he wears a different casual outfit instead of his standard male school uniform, which consists of a black long sleeved loose button-up shirt, pale blue jeans and black shoes from his main outfit where he was informed by his sister about his classmates who killed a stray kitten with their crossbows, ultimately deciding to hunt them down.


Kaname is the typical representation of a bad boy: reckless, cocky, and independent, but also stoic and reserved. He seems to enjoy chasing Yusuke and appears to think of himself as invincible. Like the other members of Sensui's crew, Kaname appears to be easily manipulated and controlled, obeying Sensui's orders without a second thought. Unlike the other members, he does not possess a grudge against humanity; he merely joined Sensui out of boredom, an elucidated sense of cynicism of the world around him, including the perception that the everyday people around him (other than his relatives) are incredibly stupid, and the want to get away from it all, meaning he might know what he was getting into. He is the only member of Sensui's Seven, besides Itsuki, to not care about what is shown in Chapter Black. Though arrogant and ruthless, he does care about his family and seems to have a soft spot for small animals, as he is seen pursuing his classmates who killed a stray kitten after his sister informs him.


Chapter Black Saga[]

Kaname first appears when he uses a pencil eraser to injure Murota when the latter is trying to read Sensui's mind. Later after Seaman's betrayal at Yusuke's friend's apartment, he shoots small dice through the glass window and scares the others into following Sensui onto the street. Just then, Sensui releases a huge energy blast that nearly annihilates the building, but Seaman survives. Sensui then takes this distraction and kidnaps Kuwabara while Kaname slips into an alley unseen boarding his motorcycle.

Kaname about to fire his dice.

Kurama almost catches him, but his motorcycle is too fast, and he evades the latter's rose whip. Later, as Yusuke chases after Sensui's truck on a bicycle, Kaname runs him off the road by flicking a dice at the back of the bike. Yusuke falls, making his shirt rip when he brushes against the road. The others drive off and Kaname declares a five-hundred meter radius as his territory and imprints targets on Yusuke's heart, arms and navel. He throws a couple of rocks to test it on Yusuke, to show what the power can do. He later summons a barrage of sharp kitchen utensils, then controls a large truck. Realizing he has made it too easy on himself, Kaname reveals a pistol, with which he shot into the fuel truck, nearly blowing up Yusuke. However, Hiei saves him just in time and avoids Kaname's bullets to impale him on his sword while carefully avoiding Kaname's vital organs when doing so.


Kaname is next seen, having been fully-healed, talking with the Doctor, who escaped prison. Doctor commented that Hiei's sword missed all of Kaname's vital organs, which the Doctor believes Hiei did on purpose. He is later with his sister as they attempt to discern just who exactly had killed a stray cat with crossbow arrows. The culprits end up being three of his classmates, and he vows to make them know what it's like to be hunted. Kaname retired from the Sensui Seven, but didn't ally with Yusuke and his team. After graduating high school, he disappears (in the manga, he is said to have given his mother a package of one million yen a few years later).

Power and abilities[]

Kaname hagiri203.jpg
  • Superior Marksmanship ( 優れました ・射撃 , Suguremashita Shageki ) : Normally, it is very hard to aim a handgun at a target and hit it precisely, especially if there's no type of aim assist. Kaname Hagiri manages to overcome both of these setbacks, and as a result is an incredibly accurate shot with his handgun. He demonstrates this by shooting a tanker hundreds of yards away from the top of a cliff, while traveling at a certain speed.
  • Telekinetic Projectiles ( テレキネティッ ・ク発射体 , Terekinetikku Hassha-tai ) : Kaname was given his nickname because he can shoot any small object (i.e.marbles, dice, darts) as if they were bullets by coating them with his energy. He launches them by flicking his fingers and propels them with telekinesis. Their power is enough to blast through walls and pierce human skin. He can also control the density of any object he fires, its weight, and how fast it will shoot. Genkai estimated his effective distance to be over 500 yards, or five football fields, away. He can also transfer his energy into anything else, provided he has enough energy to maintain it. If he can't, he'll obfuscate.
    • Projectiles Used:
      • Eraser - used to shoot Murota in the forehead
      • Rocks - when toying with his foes
      • Grass- same as above, also cuts through skin
      • Dice - same as above
      • Marbles - same as above
      • Darts - same as above
      • Knives - when he is getting more serious
      • Truck - by pressing the gas pedal down telekinetically, he can control a driverless truck. He also uses it as an explosive by shooting it.
  • Death Print Bull's Eye (死紋十字斑, Shi Mon Jū Ji Han, translated as Death Crest Cross Plaque): Kaname's territory is made by using his energy to manifest targets on an opponents' body, after imprinting his energy to imprint where he decides he wants them. Kaname can shoot his projectiles and they will never miss their targets. He doesn't even have to aim, because anything will home in on the targets. He can use anything to hit his target, even driverless trucks, provided he can maintain the concentration required for excessively large objects. The only downside is that its effective range is less than his: the range of the territory is only 200 meters.


  • Since Sensui's Seven members represent one of the seven deadly sins, Sniper represents Pride in both his arrogant attitude and narcissistic pride in his ability as a killer.
  • Fans assume Sniper was acting as Sensui's right-hand man during the majority of Chapter Black, as Itsuki was busy expanding the portal.
  • In the edited dub, he is never seen getting stabbed and is only seen collapsing in pain after Hiei presumably slashed him.
  • Sniper became a former member of the Sensui Seven. Although he didn't become an ally of Yusuke Urameshi, alongside Gamemaster and Kamiya as well, except for Mitarai when he joined Urameshi's team.
  • In both the original and the dub, despite his lack of demonic blood, his bullets are mentioned to have traces of demonic energy in them. If this is not an error, this proves that the humans who gained their powers through the opening of the portal use Demon Energy due to the demonic origin of their powers.
  • Though his power likely has more uses, he is unique in that he is the only psychic of the six who can obfuscate from his own power.
  • Also worth noting is that he bears a slight resemblance to the older version of Koenma.
  • His design is also very reminiscent of Kaneda from AKIRA. Not only with his facial features and red biker jacket, but he also rides a motorcycle.
  • His powers are quite similar to the Ortho Siblings in Togashi's latest work: Hunter x Hunter, as they both have the ability to turn their victims into targets and will shoot projectiles at their targets respectively.
  • His powers are also similar to that of Vander Decken from One Piece, as when he touches his target once he is locked onto them and can throw an object in any direction and not miss the target.
  • In the Blu-ray English version, all of Kaname's lines were redubbed by Aaron Hatch for a better performance.
  • Like many of the psychics who have gained the power of the demonic gate, Kaname only has a C-class spirit, but his psychic abilities make him an A-class threat.
  • Hiei's Filipino voice actor Montreal Repuyan later provides the voice for Kaname to make it sounded similar to fellow voice actor, Vincent Gutierrez.
  • His use of a gas tanker semi truck and the ensuing chaos appears to be inspired by a similar chase scene in the Sci-Fi action thriller classic The Terminator, in where Sarah Connor is chased by a similar hijacked truck.



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