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Kaiki is the red Meikai God on the left


Kaiki is one of the Meikai Gods. He appears in YuYu Hakusho The Movie: Poltergeist Report. For most of the movie, he appears as an antagonist towards primarily Kurama, since he disguises himself as Kuronue. He was voiced by Hajime Koseki in the Japanese version.


Kaiki is called along with the others to Yakumo's side to destroy the elemental sites, so that they can recreate the Netherrealm. Kaiki then shows up at one of the elemental sites to spite Kurama; using his power of deception, he tricks Kurama into thinking that he was responsible for Kuronue's death (Kaiki is disguising himself). He is able to destroy the site by playing on Kurama's false sense of guilt.

Later, Kurama and Kaiki (still disguised as Kuronue) fight. Kaiki loses and his true form is revealed after he throws Kuronue's pendant at Kurama; Kurama picks up on the fact that Kuronue would never do this. It is revealed that in the past, Kuronue pleaded for Kurama to leave him while he was bleeding to death. After realizing this, Kurama, in a rage, kills Kaiki by impaling him with bamboo shoots, reminiscent of how Kuronue died in the past. 


Shapeshifting: Kaiki has shown the ability to shapeshift as seen when he was posing Kurama's friend, Kuronue.


  • The site Kaiki firsts fights at is either the Water or Wind one, though it is never specified which site it was.