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Human World (人間界, lit. Ningenkai) is the world where humans live. It is also where the story of YuYu Hakusho first begins & where most of the events occur. Inhabitants include: Yusuke Urameshi, Atsuko Urameshi, Keiko Yukimura, Takenaka, Kazuma Kuwabara, Shizuru Kuwabara , Shuichi Minamino, Shiori Minamino, Genkai etc.


  • Sarayashiki Jr. High: The school which Keiko, Kuwabara and Yusuke attend.
  • Kasanegafuchi Jr. High (Kazenaga in the English dub): Rival school of Sarayashiki Jr. High, in which the thugs who kidnapped Kuwabara's kitten attends.
  • Rugafuji Jr. High
  • Iwamano Jr. High: The middle school that Yusuke's old friend Suekichi attends.
  • 'Meiou 'High: The school that Kurama/Shuichi Minamino and Yu Kaito attend..
  • Kaidan (translates to "ghost story"): The name of the shopping center and neighborhood where Yusuke and Keiko live.
  • Mushiyori City (translates to "outbreak of bugs"): City that is the epicenter of the Demon World tunnel's creation.
    • Demon's Door Cave: A large series of natural caverns located on the outskirts of Mushiyori City. A dark cave rife with urban legends and rumors of being a popular suicide point, Demon's Door is the true epicenter of the Demon World Tunnel outbreak, its features and labyrinthine layout burrowing below Mushiyori.
  • Hanging Neck Island: Location where the Dark Tournament takes place.
    • Hotel Kubikukuri: The luxurious facility for Dark Tournament participants which is also frequented by numerous high-paying human guests.
  • Yojigen (translates to "4 dimensions"): The name of the mansion where Kido, Yana, and Kaitou take Yusuke and challenge his friends with various tasks to get him back.
  • Yurei Manor (translates to "Courtesy Manor" with Yurei also meaning ghost): Where Yusuke originally lived at the beginning of the series.
  • Genkai's Temple: Genkai's residence and dojo & the site of the Disciple Selection Trials, located on her expansive land.