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Hinageshi as she first appears

Hinageshi is a self-proclaimed guide to the Spirit World appearing only in Yu Yu Hakusho movie 2: Bonds of Fire. Botan tells Yusuke to find her at the Kazune shrine. She is called Pauline in the Filipino Dub.


Hinageshi is a diminutive female with vibrant red-orange hair and green eyes. When stationary, a lock of her hair sticks upward at an angle. She wears traditional shinto priestess garb and red hakama. She also wears red sandals over white socks.


Poltergeist Report Movie[]

Initially, she is seen calling for help while running in fear from Netherworld minions at Kazune shrine, and is saved by Yusuke and Kuwabara. She hides while the two boys finish off her foes. However she is discovered and one of the enemies chokes her briefly, before Kuwabara jumps in to save her. She correctly guesses the boys' identities as Reikai investigators and introduces herself to them. Subsequently, the group journeys to Genkai's mountain compound.

Once the group arrives, she worries over the still unconscious Botan. She is the first to deduce that the force behind the flooding of Spirit World was the Netherworld and their phantoms. She breaks out a book that depicts the balance of the Four Worlds. She lectures the group on how King Enma managed to defeat the King Yakumo and the Netherworld which was in harmony with the demon world just as it was with Reikai and Ningenkai. Hinageshi devises a plan to transmit power to Reikai by utilizing the five elemental sites located in the Human World. She explains that if they're unsealed, a mass of spiritual power would be sent to the Spirit World, restoring it. Afterwards, she leads the group in the search for the sites.

On approach, she recognizes that the earth elemental site has been destroyed and is streaming the power of Meikai. She determines that if Meikai is able to steal the power of the elemental sites, Spirit World would be inaccessible forever. She then reveals that in the past, she always made mistakes and caused problems for Botan, and believes she will never be able to repay her the kindness she owes.


  • She pronounces Botan's name boTAN.
  • Her outfit is a miko outfit.