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Kana (加奈, Kana), known as the Fixated Ghost, is the ghost of a young girl who is unable to move on to heaven who only appears in the manga version of the early part of the Spirit Detective saga and is not used in the anime. Botan describes her as a fixated ghost, which is especially troublesome to deal with since she has feelings that bind her to a specific spot. This is reflective of how she was in life, as even if her boyfriend was late she would patiently wait for hours. She was going to meet her boyfriend Kenji in that spot one year ago, but she died from an illness. She decided to wait at that spot to see if Kenji would return. He does return, but it was to meet another girl, and he reveals that his previous girlfriend wasn't important to him at all.

Though the girl is saddened, she blames her own weakness rather than Kenji. Annoyed, Yusuke grabs her and has a date with her. After the date the girl was able to enjoy herself and move on to Heaven. Even though moving fixated ghosts are breaking the rules, Botan decides to allow it this once. Once she left, Yusuke pretends to be the fixated ghost and haunts Kenji (who reveals that he has fooled around with many more girls) and his girlfriend. She is last seen in heaven (with stereotypical angel garb and a halo), with a bespectacled young man with a similar personality who might be her new boyfriend.


  • Kana's name was revealed in the extra page in Volume 8, while she was speaking with another ghost in heaven.