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Eye Bat

The Eye Bat was the first demon encountered by Yusuke and company during their infiltration of the Saint Beasts' castle. It acted as their guide as well as being the one who set the Gate of Betrayal booby trap. It was eventually nearly bisected by Hiei, after foolishly revealing the hidden trap awaiting anyone who pulled the lever, and went to warn Suzaku of the intruders.


It generally has a squeaky voice and a thirst for betrayal and revenge.  The Eye Bat has one huge eye as the main part of its body, and 2 thin bat wings, as well as tentacles. The color of the eye is golden yellow, and has a large black pupil.


  • The eye bat is voiced by Jeff Munsterman in the English version.
  • In the blu-ray rerelease, a filter was added to the bat's voice which made it sound more mechanical.