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The episodes aired from April 1993 to January 1994 in Japan on Fuji Television. The first twenty-nine episodes of the English adaptation of the anime were aired between April and May 2003 on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block. YuYu Hakusho was then removed from Toonami's listings until January 2004, when re-runs of the old episodes were shown. New episodes began airing on April 2004, with the last episodes of the saga shown in July 2004.

Twelve DVD compilations, each containing either three or four episodes of the saga, have been released by Funimation. The first compilation was released on December 10, 2002 and the twelfth on December 9, 2003. Two DVD collection boxes, each containing six of the twelve compilations, have also been released by Funimation. The first was released on July 27, 2004,[5] and the second on October 26, 2004.

Episode Guide - Season Two
Episode Number
English Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
26 Toguro Returns Yusuke Urameshi once again meets Toguro, who forces Yusuke to enter the "Dark Tournament," or he will kill all of Yusuke's friends. Yusuke and his allies begin a two-month training period. After this period, they join together, alongside a disguised fifth fighter that Yusuke brings, as Team Urameshi. April 17, 1993 April 8, 2003
27 The Dark Tournament Begins Team Urameshi finds out that the preliminary competition is on the ship itself, on the way to Hanging Neck Island. Yusuke and his friends, displaying their enhanced abilities, easily dispose of the demons aboard the ship to pass the preliminaries. April 24, 1993 April 9, 2003
28 First Fight Kazuma Kuwabara faces off against Rinku, the first member of Team Rokuyokai. Although Kuwabara displays his newfound ability to wield two swords at once, he is unable to overcome Rinku's assault. May 1, 1993 April 10, 2003
29 Flowers of Blood Kurama battles Roto, who threatens to have his brother kill Kurama's human mother. However, Kurama deceives Roto by conversing with him until a seed Kurama planted in Roto at the start of the round blooms, killing Roto from the inside. May 8, 1993

April 11, 2003

30 Dragon of the Darkness Flame The leader of the Rokuyokai team, Zeru, challenges Hiei, who is seemingly overwhelmed by the initial fire assault. However, Hiei's Jagan enables him to shrug off the assault without incident, and he uses his new technique, the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, to obliterate Zeru. May 15, 1993 April 14, 2003
31 Stumbling Warrior The final member of Team Rokuyokai, Chu, battles Yusuke. Even with his new abilities, Yusuke is evenly matched against Chu. May 22, 1993 April 15, 2003
32 Knife Edge Death-Match Yusuke and Chu battle between two knives, with the loser receiving death at the hands of the victor. After a brutal fight, Yusuke overcomes Chu, but spares his life. May 29, 1993 April 16, 2003
33 A Day in Waiting Team Urameshi rests a day before their next match, only to watch Toguro effortlessly defeat an entire team by himself. June 5, 1993 April 17, 2003
34 Percentage of Victory Team Urameshi participates in a 3-on-3 battle with the Dr. Ichigaki Team, but the members of the other team are revealed to be humans. Due to Ichigaki's experiments and their powerful spirit powers, they prove to be a match for Team Urameshi. June 12, 1993 April 18, 2003
35 Glimpse Beneath the Mask The Masked Fighter of Team Urameshi is revealed to be a young woman with pink hair, while the battle with the Dr. Ichigaki Team continues. June 19, 1993 April 21, 2003
36 Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light After Dr. Ichigaki's fighters are defeated by the Masked Fighter's Spirit Wave technique, Dr. Ichigaki battles Team Urameshi by transforming into a monstrous creature, but is quickly bested by an enraged Yusuke. June 26, 1993 April 22, 2003
37 Master of Disguise With Hiei and the Masked Fighter trapped by a disguised medical attendant, and Kuwabara badly injured, only Yusuke and Kurama are left to battle Team Masho. July 3, 1993 April 23, 2003
38 Kurama's Stand Kurama, his energy sealed by the dying efforts of a member of Team Masho, barely defeats the ice master Toya by implanting his plants into his own body to use as a weapon, but then the brutish Bakken steps into the ring. July 10, 1993 April 24, 2003
39 Crushing Revenge Bakken brutally assaults the comatose Kurama, but spares his life after seeing that Yusuke would have killed Bakken if he had continued. In retribution for Bakken's cruelty against Kurama, Yusuke utterly defeats him. July 17, 1993 April 25, 2003
40 Jin, the Wind Master Jin, Team Masho's wind user, faces off against Yusuke. Jin's ability to fly makes the fight difficult for Yusuke, who has difficulty hitting him. July 24, 1993 April 28, 2003
41 Reverse Decisions Faced with Jin's abilities, and after a failed double suicide attack on Jin, Yusuke uses the Spirit Wave technique he learned from Genkai to overcome Jin's wind abilities. July 31, 1993 April 29, 2003
42 A Matter of Love and Death Yusuke is disqualified by a technicality, leaving the seriously injured Kuwabara as the only person who can fight. He is initially overwhelmed, but manages to overcome his injuries when Yukina arrives to give him moral support. August 7, 1993 April 30, 2003
43 The Masked Fighter Revealed A year after Yusuke lost his life and took on his ordeal, his Spirit Beast is about to hatch, leaving Yusuke. The Masked Fighter reveals herself to be Genkai, and begins the final step of Yusuke's training. August 14, 1993 May 1, 2003
44 Yusuke's Final Test As the semi-finals begin and Team Urameshi prepares to face off against Team Uraotogi, Yusuke is being administered his final test elsewhere by Genkai. In the first match, Hiei effortlessly dispatches the first fighter, leading Kuromomotaro to enter the ring. August 21, 1993 May 2, 2003
45 Hiei Battles On Hiei battles Kuromomotaro, whose transformations make Hiei's techniques useless. Unable to use the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, lest it consume him in the process, Hiei is left with dwindling options. August 28, 1993 May 5, 2003
46 Many Faces, Many Forms Hiei's attacks are ineffective against Kuromomotaro, and he is forced to use his powers in an unorthodox fashion - channeling the Dragon of the Darkness Flame through his sword to dispatch Kuromomotaro. September 4, 1993 May 6, 2003
47 Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama Kurama is reverted into his demon form, Yoko Kurama, by the unwitting Ura Urashima. While Yoko interrogates Ura Urashima to discover the secret of the Idun Box, which turned Kurama into Yoko, Ura Urashima is dispatched by Shishiwakamaru, the team leader, before he can reveal any information. September 11, 1993 May 7, 2003
48 The Cape of No Return Kuwabara fights against the team leader, Shishiwakamaru. However, he is quickly sent through the Cape of No Return, and transported out of the ring. September 18, 1993 May 8, 2003
49 Genkai's Strength With most of her power taken by Yusuke, Genkai struggles against Shishiwakamaru, but Genkai manages to turn the tables by using Shishiwakamaru's energy against him. September 25, 1993 May 9, 2003
50 Suzuka's Challenge Kuwabara steps into the ring again to fight against Onji, but runs straight through his trap, transporting him again into the old stadium. Genkai steps in next, and defeats Suzuka without wasting any spirit energy. October 2, 1993 May 12, 2003
51 Arch-Rivals The members of Team Toguro demonstrate their power in the semifinals by utterly defeating another team with minimal effort. October 9, 1993 May 13, 2003
52 The Death of Genkai Toguro confronts a weakened Genkai, and settling their fifty-year old conflict, battles her. Despite a final effort using her weakened energy, Genkai is overwhelmed by Toguro and mortally wounded as Yusuke arrives. Giving Yusuke her dying words, she passes away, and Toguro subsequently smashes away an enraged Yusuke. October 16, 1993 May 14, 2003
53 Overcoming Grief As Team Urameshi mourns Genkai's passing, they prepare for the final match against Team Toguro. October 23, 1993 May 15, 2003
54 The Beginning of the End The final round begins, and Sakyo and Koenma arrive to fill the vacancies on each of their teams. The first match begins with Kurama facing Karasu. October 30, 1993 May 16, 2003
55 The Beast Within Karasu's bomb abilities overwhelm Kurama's plants. To turn the tables, Kurama is forced to transform into Yoko Kurama. Yoko's immense summoned plants prove too much for Karasu to handle. November 6, 1993 May 8, 2004
56 Yoko's Magic Yoko Kurama reverts into his human form, giving Karasu the advantage. In response, Kurama plays on Karasu's overconfidence, and uses a desperate final attack to secure victory. November 13, 1993 May 15, 2004
57 Beneath Bui's Armor Despite Karasu's death, Kurama loses the fight on a technicality. Hiei begins to fight Bui, and deals with the latter's immense axe attacks with little effort, forcing Bui to remove his armor to effectively fight Hiei. November 20, 1993 May 22, 2004
58 Wielder of the Dragon In response to Bui's increased abilities, Hiei uses the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Although Bui reflects the Dragon back to Hiei, Hiei absorbs the Dragon, drastically increasing his physical abilities, and he defeats Bui. November 27, 1993 May 29, 2004
59 The Shadow of Elder Toguro Kuwabara fights the Elder Toguro, and grows incensed when he learns of Genkai's death. However, the Elder Toguro's seeming immortality makes Kuwabara's attacks useless. December 4, 1993 June 5, 2004
60 Sakyo's Proposal Using the artifact given to him by Suzuki, Kuwabara manages to crush the Elder Toguro, giving him the victory. Due to Sakyo feeling that a fight with Koenma would be meaningless, he bets his life on Toguro's victory, and Koenma follows suit. December 11, 1993 June 12, 2004
61 Yusuke vs. Toguro The final match between Yusuke and Toguro begins. As Yusuke blasts Toguro out of the ring, Toguro returns, uninjured by Yusuke's attack. December 18, 1993 June 19, 2004
62 Toguro's Full Power Yusuke removes the limits on his power, but Toguro goes to 100% of his total strength. December 25, 1993 June 26, 2004
63 Yusuke's Despair The fully powered Toguro overwhelms Yusuke, and in response to a suggestion by a spiritual Genkai, Toguro kills Kuwabara. January 8, 1994 July 3, 2004
64 Toguro's Desire With Kuwabara dead, Yusuke's power rises with his grief. In response, Toguro powers to 120% of his total power. As the two clash, Toguro manages to block Yusuke's attack, falling down in defeat after its completion. January 15, 1994 July 10, 2004
65 Out With a Bang To fulfill his promise, Sakyo commits suicide by blowing up the stadium, with the participants and spectators barely able to escape. January 22, 1994 July 17, 2004
66 Toguro's Wish The tournament has ended and Yusuke's team is preparing to sail home. In the Spirit World, Toguro demands to go to the most brutal level of Hell to repent for his deeds in life, apologizing to Genkai on the way. However, due to Yusuke's victory, Genkai is resurrected in the human world. January 29, 1994 July 24, 2004


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