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The episodes aired from October 1992 to April 1993 on Fuji Television in Japan. The English episodes aired from February 2002 to April 2003. The first twenty-one episodes were shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, with re-runs playing after July 2002. New episodes began airing in April 2003, when the episodes began showing on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block.

This season has the most distinct sub-chapters: "Yusuke's Ordeal" (Eps 1-5), "Artifacts of Darkness" (6-8), "Genakai's Tournament" (9-13), "The Beasts of Maze Castle"(14-21), and "Rescue Yukina" (22-25)

Seven DVD compilations, containing 3-4 episodes, have been released by Funimation. The first was released on April 16, 2002, with the seventh released on December 10, 2002. In addition, a full collection (the first 25 episodes), containing all seven DVDs of the saga, was released on January 14, 2003.

Episode Guide - Season One
Episode Number
English Title
Japanese Air Date
English Air Date
1 Surprised To Be Dead Yusuke Urameshi is hit by a car after saving a child who was playing with a ball in the street. He soon learns that the child would have lived anyway, and that the Spirit World was not expecting him to die. For this reason, he is then offered the chance to be revived by the mysterious Botan, Guardian of the river Styx. He initially refuses but accepts after seeing the people he thought did not care for him, including his childhood friend Keiko Yukimura, his mother Atsuko Urameshi, and his rival Kazuma Kuwabara grieving for him at his wake. October 10, 1992 December 1, 2001
2 Koenma Appears Yusuke meets Koenma, son of the ruler of the Spirit World, and is given the task of raising a spirit egg that, when hatched, may return him to his body. Yusuke possesses Kuwabara's body to inform Keiko about his attempting to come back to life so that his body will not be cremated. October 17, 1992 December 8, 2001
3 Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men Yusuke discovers that Kuwabara has been forced by a teacher into a policy of strict nonviolence for a week — otherwise his best friend risks losing his job and being unable to support his family. Kuwabara bears the attacks, and when the teacher puts an additional stipulation that he and his friends must get more than 50 points on the next test, Yusuke helps him study by talking to him in his dreams. The teacher attempts to cheat his way out of the promise by altering Kuwabara's paper, and Kuwabara almost punches him, but Yusuke calls out for him to stop. The teacher is forced to change the paper back, and Kuwabara's friend keeps his job, with Kuwabara thanking Yusuke. October 24, 1992 December 15, 2001
4 Requirements For Lovers Yusuke's house was set on fire while his mother was gone and Yusuke has to decide between saving Keiko or having any chance of returning to life. Yusuke chooses to throw his spirit egg into the fire to save Keiko, and by doing so, earns the right to return to life. October 31, 1992 February 23, 2002
5 Yusuke's Back Yusuke is told by Koenma that he has one final chance to come back to life, but only if someone close to him kisses him within twenty-four hours. Trying to solicit Keiko's aid, Yusuke manages to have Keiko kiss him just before the deadline. November 7,1992 March 2, 2002
6 Three Monsters Koenma reveals that Yusuke is a Spirit Detective, and must use his unique abilities to battle demons and other threats to the Living World. Koenma additionally gives Yusuke a mission: he must recover three artifacts stolen by master thieves of the Spirit World. November 14, 1992 March 9, 2002
7 Gouki and Kurama Yusuke discovers the first and second thieves, and the artifacts. Gouki, the first thief, possesses the Orb of Baast, and Kurama, the second thief, has the Forlorn Hope. Yusuke defeats Gouki, recovering his artifact. He meets with Kurama, and learns that he plans to use the Forlorn Hope to sacrifice himself to save his human "mother". Yusuke, believing that Kurama's sacrifice would cause his mother pain, gives some of his life force so that Kurama will not have to die, and claims the mirror. November 21, 1992 March 16, 2002
8 The Three Eyes of Hiei Yusuke battles the last thief, Hiei, who has taken Keiko hostage to get the last three treasures. With Hiei's Jagan eye affording him additional perception, Yusuke finds his fight difficult, but he manages to trick Hiei by firing his Spirit Gun off a mirror in order to hit Hiei in his blind spot, defeating him. November 28, 1992 March 23, 2002
9 The Search Begins Yusuke enters a fighting tournament at Koenma's behest. The winner of the tournament gets to learn the secret techniques of Genkai, a master psychic, and Koenma knows that there is a demon named Rando who will be after Genkai's techniques. To his surprise, Yusuke finds his old rival Kuwabara at the tournament, seeking to learn more about his powers. Yusuke and Kuwabara inadvertenly qualify for Genkai's tournament due to their high amount of spirit energy. December 5, 1992 March 30, 2002
10 Kuwabara's Spirit Sword Eight finalists are entered into a tournament, and the first round takes place in complete darkness. Kuwabara discovers that he has his own special technique — a sword formed of energy. Using this technique, he defeats his first opponent, moving onto the next round of the tournament. December 12, 1992 April 6, 2002
11 Hard Fights For Yusuke Yusuke defeats his first opponent by placing a lit cigarette on him, allowing him to see him and shoot him in the darkness. The finals then take place on a hill, and Yusuke has to face an opponent whose preferred weapon, shuriken, have the ability to home in on their targets. Yusuke ultimately manages to overcome him, proceeding onto the final round of the tournament. December 19, 1992 April 13, 2002
12 Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls Kuwabara faces Shorin, who reveals more that his initial demeanor entails. Using techniques of spirit mediums and masters of centuries past, Shorin is identified to be Rando by Genkai. Rando proves too powerful for Kuwabara, and he shrinks and defeats him. December 26, 1992 April 20, 2002
13 Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks Rando reveals himself to Yusuke, using a barrage of stolen techniques against him. Yusuke manages to overcome Rando by tricking him, turning his technique against him, and he becomes Genkai's student. January 9, 1993 April 27, 2002
14 The Beasts of Maze Castle Yusuke returns from training with Genkai to discover that his home city has been invaded by Makai Insects controlled by the four Saint Beasts. Kurama and Hiei, with the offer of pardons from their past crimes, have been sent to help Yusuke and Kuwabara with this new mission. January 16, 1993 May 4, 2002
15 Genbu, the Stone Beast Kurama faces off against Genbu, the first of the four Saint Beasts and a master of stone-based abilities. Using his plant abilities and intuition, Kurama identifies Genbu's weakness and defeats him. January 23, 1993 May 11, 2002
16 Byakko, the White Tiger Kuwabara demands to fight the next opponent himself, and encounters Byakko, the second Saint Beast. With Byakko's ability to absorb energy, Kuwabara's attacks prove fruitless. Determined to win, Kuwabara overwhelms Byakko's absorption ability, defeating him. January 30, 1993 May 18, 2002
17 Byakko's Lair Byakko is seemingly defeated, but appears once more to fight Kuwabara in a room full of molten lava. Using a new technique, Byakko turns the tables on Kuwabara, who desperately claims victory by sending Byakko into the lava. February 6, 1993 June 1, 2002
18 Seiryu, the Blue Dragon The third Saint Beast, Seiryu, appears, and battles Hiei. Although Seiryu seems to have the advantage, Hiei reveals that he has been merely toying with him, and easily reverses all of his ice attacks. As Seriyu attempts to respond, Hiei cuts him down with his sword. February 13, 1993 June 8, 2002
19 Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts Yusuke fights with the last of the Saint Beasts, Suzaku, who controls the Makai Insects. Despite his determination to win, Yusuke has difficulty in dealing with Suzaku's lightning abilities. Elsewhere the Makai Insect-infected humans begin closing in on Keiko. February 20, 1993 June 15, 2002
20 Seven Ways to Die Suzaku reveals his secret technique — the ability to split himself into seven entities, overwhelming Yusuke. In the human world, Keiko and Botan try to remain safe from attack from the insect-infested humans. February 27, 1993 June 22 2002
21 Yusuke's Sacrifice Yusuke, confronted with an image of Keiko with her life threatened, finally defeats Suzaku by using the last of his life energy to destroy all of his clones, and barely survives with Kuwabara transferring some of his own energy. March 6, 1993 June 29, 2002
22 Lamenting Beauty Yukina, an ice apparition, who also happens to be Hiei's twin sister, was being held captive by the Black Black Club founder, Gonzo Tarukane. March 13, 1993 July 6, 2002
23 The Toguro Brothers Gang Yusuke and his friends fight their way through the human and demon guards surrounding Tarukane's stronghold. Meanwhile, Tarukane bets on his demon guards killing Yusuke's group with the Black Black Club, losing money every round to Sakyo, who bets on Yusuke's side. March 20, 1993 April 3, 2003
24 The Deadly Triad Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan must face three demons known throughout the Spirit World as the Triad. All three are overwhelmed by Yusuke's group. At the same time, Sakyo's successful bets on Yusuke's group have earned him an enormous amount of money. March 27, 1993 April 4, 2003
25 Kuwabara's Fight of Love Yusuke and Kuwabara encounter the powerful Toguro Brothers while Kurama tries to keep Hiei from carrying out his own plans. At the same time, Sakyo has bet an enormous fortune on Yusuke and Kuwabara's victory, constituting all of his assets. Kuwabara's determination enables them to defeat the Toguro Brothers, and Yukina prevents Hiei from killing Tarukane. April 10, 1993 April 7, 2003


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