E class is the weakest class of all, being just above the average man in strength. Demons of this class aren't strong or smart but they can be very violent.


Demons of this rank shown in the series are generally very small or close to human size, but with demonic features. Class E demons can be simple animals that are found in the demon world or younger demons that have little to no real experience yet. They are animalistic and focus little on strategy and more on strength due to a large hubris which, however, can easily turn to fear when confronted with a greater force. Often they are so weak that they literally dissolve when in the presence of a higher class demon. The battle strategy of this level is either brute strength or cunning strategy to force the enemy not to attack, the latter becomes more notable with the introduction of psychics and demonic parasites. These demons also have almost no control over their baser instincts and can become little more then ravenous beasts or vicious animals.

Notable MembersEdit

Yusuke - Former - Promoted to S Class by end of series.

Kuwabara - Former - Promoted to A Class by end of series/ S Class in manga.

Kuroda - Deceased

George - Alive

Yukina  - Former- Promoted to D Class by end of series,

Jyaki - In Spirit World Prison

Mitsunari Yanagasawa - Alive

Koashura - Alive

Kotennyo - Alive

Koenma  - Alive

Hinageshi - Alive

Sayaka  - Deceased

Botan - Alive

Ayame - Alive

Asato Kido - Alive

Takahashi - Alive

Suekichi Matsuo - Alive

Chinpo - Incapacitated/Deceased

Kibano - Incapacitated

Shigeru Murota - Deceased

Baldok - Incapacitated

Musashi - Incapacitated


  • Most humans and Spirit World residents are E Class, in fact the majority of upper E Class beings have been humans with heightened spiritual awareness.
  • Lower E classes are Average Humans and the weakest of demons, while Middle and Upper E classes are the ones with spiritual awareness, or some other sort of useable energy.
  • E class demons are rare because they are so weak they usually fall prey to the stronger demons. Most demons who are born with E class power almost never live long enough to grow stronger.