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Demon Compass

The Demon Compass (妖気計, Yōkikei, literally translated as Demon Energy Plan) is the second of the seven items of Yusuke's Spirit Detective kit.[1]



The Demon Compass resembles a cheap analog watch, but its face is a black ring surrounding a red circle, cut into eight triangular sections, that has an elongated diamond mounted on top of it. Beneath the red circle is a small yellow bar that measures Demon Energy in much the same way as an illustrated vector of a digital equalizer does with sound.[2]

The diamond itself is bisected horizontally, with the top part painted black and has a navy-blue hitodama painted on it, while the lower part remains white.[3]


The Demon Compass indicates how far-away and in what direction an already-identified demon is from the Compass' wearer.[4] It can also detect demon energy and give the wearer a rough estimate of the enemy’s strength and/or numbers.


Spirit Detective Saga[]

Botan first used this device to track down Yusuke just after his first defeat at the hands of Gouki.[5]

While using this device to try and find Rando at the Genkai Tournament, Yusuke accidentally broke it because it presumably overloaded itself on Rando's Demon Energy.[6]

Botan later used a repaired compass (or a replacement) while she and Yuskue and Kuwabara went to Torukenai’s to rescue Yukina.

Chapter Black Saga[]

Botan mentions the Compass as a possible way of finding Hiei. She claims that it's been modified NOT to overload. It has also been given a sample chamber that will use a piece of a subject’s DNA, such as a lock of hair, to lock on to them, thus allowing them to find Hiei even if he suppresses energy.[7] But she's discouraged after Kurama casually tells her that he doesn't keep a lock of Hiei's hair on him.


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