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Communication Mirrors

The Communication Mirror (霊界通信コンパクト, Rei Kai Tsūshin Konpakuto, literally translated as Spirit World Communication Compact) is another tool of Yusuke's Spirit Detective kit. It's number is unknown (most likely number 1), and comes in pairs.[1]


Given the device's original name, it seems like a pun that this device resembles a powder compact used by women to do their makeup on the fly. It has a purple casing and has a design of three white magatama in a mitsudomoe shape.[2]


Allows for audio-visual communication between the keepers of each compact.[3]


Spirit Detective Saga[]

Botan uses this device to keep in touch with Yusuke during his fight against the Four Saint Beasts, but he loses it somewhere in Maze Castle. Also, she uses this device to communicate with Koenma from Ningenkai amidst the turmoil of the Makai insects infestation.[4]

Chapter Black Saga[]

Botan mentions that she left her Communication Mirror with the pink kimono that she wears while working as a Grim Reaper.[5]


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