Human (Psychic)

Chinpo (珍宝?) is a martial artist, and one of the final eight contestants of Genkai's Disciple Selection Tournament.

He is voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in the Japanese version and by Kyle Hebert in the English dub.


Chinpo was a round, martial artist wanderer with a long, curled mustache. He was powerful by normal human standards, but was far weaker when compared to demons, psychics, or apparitions (even in his weaker human form, Rando made quick and easy work of Chinpo, as the latter could be heard severely struggling from their fight).


Spirit Detective SagaEdit

Rando, in his Shorin form, defeated Chinpo in the first round of Genkai's tournament (quite swiftly at that). Chinpo's motivation remained unknown. It is unknown if Chinpo was slain or merely incapacitated. Though it can be reasonably inferred that the demon Rando would show no mercy to a human, Rando was at the time attempting to avoid drawing attention to himself. Either way, after his defeat Chinpo is not referenced again.


  • Of all the 8 finalists in Genkai's tournament, Chinpo was the only one whose abilities/skills were never revealed (even Kuroda's proficiencies with knives were seen in the anime and mentioned in the manga), though he seems to be a practitioner of kung fu.
  • He is established as coming from China, which would make him one of the few, if not the only, humans who are foreigners in this series.
  • His name translates to "Penis" in Japanese