The following is a list of characters from the Manga and Anime series YuYu Hakusho.

The names are listed in Western order, with the family name after the given name.

Main CharactersEdit

Yusuke Portrait Kuwabara Portrait Kurama Portrait Hiei Portrait
Yusuke Urameshi Kazuma Kuwabara Kurama Hiei

Secondary CharactersEdit

Botan Portrait Koenma Portrait Genkai Portrait Keiko Portrait
Botan Koenma Genkai Keiko Yukimura
Yukina Portrait Jorge Portrait Pu Portrait
Yukina Jorge Saotome Pu



Atsuko Portrait Shizuru Portrait Kido Portrait Kaito Portrait Yanagisawa Portrait
Atsuko Urameshi Shizuru Kuwabara Asato Kido Yu Kaito Mitsunari Yanagisawa
Murota Portrait Mitarai Portrait Sanada Portrait M1 Portrait M2 Portrait
Shigeru Murota Kiyoshi Mitarai Kuroko Sanada En (M1) Ryo (M2)
M3 Portrait
Kai (M3)

Allies Edit

Demons Edit

Rinku Portrait ChuPortrait ToyaPortrait JinPortrait
Rinku Chū Tōya Jin
ShishiPortrait SuzukiPortrait
Shishiwakamaru Suzuki


Special ChapterEdit

Yatsude Portrait

Spirit Detective SagaEdit

GokiPortrait RandoPortrait HalfBreedPortrait GonzoPortrait HiruePortrait
Gōki Randō Half Breed Demons Gonzo Tarukane Hirue
Four Saint Beasts
SuzakuPortrait SeiryuPortrait ByakkoPortrait GenbuPortrait
Suzaku Seiryu Byakko Genbu

Dark Tournament SagaEdit

Team Rokuyukai
ZeruPortrait RotoPortrait Rinku Portrait Gaou Portrait Imajin Portrait
Zeru Roto Rinku Gaou Imajin
Team Spirit Warriors
Dosukoi Gorilla Babaki Gagaki Vlcsnap-2011-03-17-22h17m39s123
Dosukoi Gorilla Babaki Gagaki Rugby
Dr. Ichigaki Team
Dr. Ichigaki
YenPortrait RyoPortrait KaiPortrait M4Portrait M5 Portrait
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5
Team Masho
JinPortrait GamaPortrait ToyaPortrait BakkenPortrait Images
Jin Gama Toya Bakken Ruka (Support)
Team Gokai Six
Cat Demon
Cat Demon
Vlcsnap-2011-06-09-14h43m31s5 Vlcsnap-2011-06-09-14h50m38s168 Frank Wolf Yu-yu-hakusho-435697
Snake Demon Grey Demon Frankenstein Demon Werewolf Demon Vampire Demon
Team Uraotogi
KuromomotaroPortrait UraurashimaPortrait MakintaroPortrait OnjiPortrait ShishiPortrait
Kuro Momotaro Ura Urashima Makintaro Onji Shishiwakamaru
Team Gorenja
Akarenjya Aorenjya Momorenjya Kirenjya Midorenjya
Akarenjya Aorenjya Momorenjya Kirenjya Midorenjya
Team Toguro
Toguro Portrait ElderToguroPortrait KarasuPortrait Bui Portrait SakyoPortrait
Younger Toguro Elder Toguro Karasu Bui Sakyo

Chapter Black SagaEdit

Sensui Seven
Sensui Portrait
Shinobu Sensui
Itsuki Portrait Hagiri Portrait Kamiya Portrait
Itsuki Kaname Hagiri Minoru Kamiya
Mitarai Portrait Amanuma Portrait Makihara Portrait
Kiyoshi Mitarai Tsukihito Amanuma Sadao Makihara

Three Kings SagaEdit

Raizen's Territory
Raizen Portrait Hokushin Portrait Touou Portrait Seitei Portrait RaizensLover Portrait
Raizen Hokushin Touou Seitei Raizen's Lover
Mukuro's Territory
Mukuro Portrait Kirin Portrait Shigure Portrait
Mukuro Kirin Shigure
Yomi's Territory
Yomi Portrait Shura Portrait Shachi Portrait
Yomi Shura Shachi

Movie VillainsEdit

Meikai GodsEdit

Other CharactersEdit

Manga-Only charactersEdit

Anime-Only charactersEdit

Movie-Only charactersEdit

Other AlliesEdit

  • En (M1) - Student of Master Mitamura, 1st former member of Dr. Ichigaki Team, now was an ally of Yusuke during the Finals of Dark Tournament as part of Audience.
  • Ryo (M2) - Student of Mitamura, 2nd Former member of Team Ichigaki, now Urameshi's ally during the Dark Tournament's finals as part of the Audience, cheering for Yusuke and Team Urameshi.
  • Kai (M3) - Student of Mitamura, 3rd and last former member of Team Ichigaki and currently a Friend of Yusuke Urameshi and now Yusuke's ally during the Tournament's finals as part of the audience, supporting and cheering for Urameshi and his Team.
  • Enki - King of Demon World, former Friend of Raizen's and now Yusuke's ally.
  • Kokou - Husband of Enki, former ally of Raizen and now an ally of Urameshi.
  • Natsume - Twin Sister of Kujou, former Ally of Raizen and now Urameshi's ally.
  • Kujou - Former ally of Raizen's and now an ally of Urameshi.
  • Shu - Raizen's former ally, now an ally of Yusuke Urameshi.
  • Den-Hou - Raizen's former ally, now Yusuke's ally.
  • Tetsuzan - Former ally of Raizen, now Urameshi's ally.
  • Saizou - Former ally of Raizen's Alliance, now an ally of Yusuke's alliances.
  • Souketsu - Former friend of Raizen's alliance, now sided with Yusuke and part of Urameshi's alliances.
  • Hokushin - Former ally and Participant of Raizen's, now Urameshi's partner and Ally.
  • Touou - Raizen's former ally, now Yusuke Urameshi's ally.
  • Seitei - Former ally of Raizen, was now an ally of Urameshi.
  • Kirishima/Miyamoto - Friend of Kuwabara, member of Kuwabara's Gang and was an ally of Yusuke Urameshi.
  • Okubo - 2nd Friend of Kuwabara, 2nd member of The Gang & currently Yusuke's ally.
  • Sawamura/Komada - 3rd friend of Kuwabara, 3rd and Last member of The Gang, was also Yusuke Urameshi's ally.
  • Koto - Original referee of the Dark Tournament, who sided with Yusuke and became a valuable and respectful ally/acquaintance of him.
  • Juri - Friend of Ruka and Koto, 2nd Referee of the Dark Tournament, was an acquaintance of Urameshi.
  • Kuroko Sanada - 1st, but Former Spirit Detective.
  • Fubuki Sato - Daughter of Kuroko, sister of Kaisei, friend/ally of Yusuke.
  • Kaisei Sato - Shogo's and Kuroko's son, Fubuki's brother, Urameshi's friend/ally.
  • Jorge Saotome - Koenma's assistant.
  • Sayaka - a Spirit World Inspector sent to determine that Yusuke was a suitable candidate to return to life, was Yusuke's ally, but wasn't with Urameshi and his Team through the Entire Series of YYH.
  • Saitou, Sourai, Oohou, Ryuuhi, Rinbai and Shun-jun - They were seen in the Chapter Black Saga as minor characters. In the Saga of the Three Kings, Saitō, Sōrai, Ōhō, Ryūhi, Rinbai and Shūn-jūn had become Urameshi’s allies in Episode 98 of Season 4.
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