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Butajiri (豚尻?) was a member of the Black Black Club and the sponsor of Team Masho. He is voiced by Yū Shimaka in the Japanese version. He is voiced by Mike McFarland in the FUNimation English dub. He is called as Mr. Gotowana in the Filipino Dub of the anime.


Butajiri was a portly older man with grey hair and jowled cheeks. He dressed an expensive blue suit with a red necktie, and white leathery shoes.


He believes money can solve almost any problem. He is willing to cheat and kill (though he won't do it himself) to get to the top, but is easily shaken and becomes frantic when things don't go his way, as shown when Jin lost his match to Yusuke.


Spirit Detective Saga

Butajiri and the rest of the Black Black Club were present via video chat at Gonzo Tarukane's mansion placing bets on Yusuke's and Kuwabara's chance of survival. He among others were shocked at Sakyo's gambling and left abruptly after Tarukane lost his fortune.

Dark Tournament Saga

Butajiri used dirty tactics in order to ensure that Team Masho won the Dark Tournament under Risho's advice by insuring that Team Masho would have the advantage. He even had the enchantress, Ruka, in his employ. Despite his tricks, Team Masho still lost to Team Urameshi. Also his dirty methods angered both Sakyo and Younger Toguro and Butajiri was killed by Toguro with a single flick to the forehead that caused the top of his skull to burst in a spray of blood and bone. In the English anime, Butajiri also had a personal grudge against Yusuke Urameshi, whom he blamed for Gonzo Tarukane's death, but is informed by Sakyo how Tarukane died just as Younger Toguro killed him.


  • His name translates to "Pig's Rump".
  • Similar to Tarukane, Toguro also killed him with an attack to his head.
  • According to Butajiri; He spent his whole fortunes on Team Masho by betting on them to win and bribing the committee in his favor.