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Yusuke facing the younger Toguro who was an upper B class demon


B-class type beings are much more intelligent than the C-class ones, and could be classified as intellectually superior to humans; only to be less intelligent than wise A-classes that have experience on their side, and the omnipotent S-classes. As such, they have planning capabilities and can team up with other demons, setting their egos aside for a better cause. This is probably due to the immense control and discipline it takes to properly contain their powers. Along with this greater power, comes greater perception and enhanced senses. At B class, demons (and humans) gain greater extra-sensory awareness, with some instances bordering on clairvoyance.

However, they are still instinctive and have a primitive lust for sadism and battle, with Younger Toguro, Karasu and Bui having the ability to calm it to the point that they appear composed. Or because of their intelligence, become extremely overconfident and prone to rage when they are bested, as is the case with Elder Toguro , Shishiwakamaru and Suzuki. The demons of this class have been shown to be almost identical to a human except for a few non-human features, such as oddly colored hair, a few horns and large size.

One B Class, Itsuki is so intelligent, that he has developed human emotions such as a sense of humor, a twisted desire of something pure becoming depraved, and love. It is implied that he might have been in the midpoint of becoming an A Class being. Humans who reach this level also keep their emotions in check, and are capable of complex strategies. B class demons are capable of destroying Islands, punching craters into the ground and throwing objects hundreds of miles away.

Another possible former B Class was Hokushin (before he ascended to a superior class), due to his ability to make appear objects due to his Magic Materialization technique.

Notable members[]


Humans that have power level equivalencies with this class[]

Special Categories[]

The Quest-class (支配 能力 [クエストトラス], Shihai Nōryoku [Kuesuto-Kurasu] , is a special breed of demon with the ability to create something from nothing; literally materializing objects from thin air. These objects are usually some kind of weapon. The only confirmed member of this is Karasu, although Hokushin and Kurama have demonstrated a similar ability to a small degree. It is implied that the demon has to be at least B-class to master the technique, making it a subcategory of the B-class.

Notable Members[]


  • Karasu, a member of Team Toguro, is the only officially known member of the Quest-class demons; his power revolves around the ability to create different types of bombs.
  • Hokushin, an S-class, demonstrates a similar ability to the Quest class by manifesting knives and parlor tricks from his sleeves.
  • Kurama manipulates his energy into seeds of plants—Karasu mentioned that this is similar to quest-class abilities, but is different as Kurama manipulates his energy into already existing things.
  • Bui may also be an example, with his axe, but it is not the main attack he has. It is presumably created from his Battle Aura.
  • B Class demons have various means to suppress their power: weights, armor, percentages, special devices, and even disguises. They are also very reserved in their methods of fighting; ironically A Class, although much more intelligent, have no hesitation to use their full power on an opponent.
  • Unlike the transition from C class to B class, training is usually insufficient for moving from B Class to A Class. An intense emotional experience is what triggered most known characters.