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Akarenjya (阿架連邪?) was the team leader of Team Gorenja. He was killed by Elder Toguro in the semi-finals of the Dark Tournament.

He is voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto in the Japanese version and by Robert McCollum in the English dub.


In the anime he has pale skin, spiky black hair and a scar on his left eye, while in the manga his hair is not spiky and he does not have a scar on his face. He wears white pants and a white long sleeve shirt with a red cape like garment over his shirt. He also has a belt with a red R on it. In the manga, he looks more like a human than an apparition, due to his more rounded ears.


Akarenjya hates it when people look down on him. He cares for his team, and would rather die than beg for his life. He also appears to be an honorable fighter. He is very self confident and exudes this quality to which no doubt aided in his teams advancement to the semi-final round of the Dark Tournament.


Akarenjya was unfortunate enough to have to face Elder Toguro in the Dark Tournament semi-finals. When told by Elder Toguro to beg for his life Akarenjya did not, but rather threatened to get stronger and kill Elder Toguro if he didn't kill him. Elder Toguro informed him of how his brother would look at such a statement as honorable, and would offer Akarenjya a job in his gang. However, Elder Toguro impaled his skull with his extended index finger, proceeding to state how he hates keeping his promises.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Supersonic Speed: (Known as Horizontal Footing in the Animax dub) Along with his teammates Aorenjya and Momorenjya, he is able to travel at extremely high speeds, so much that he can build enough momentum to leap several meters off the ground.
  • Clone Illusion: Along
    with his teammates Aorenjya and Momorenjya, he is able to make multiple illusionary copies of himself to confuse his opponents.
  • Energy Ball: He is able to summon an energy ball
    that is assumed to be for offense, as seen from his battle against Toguro.
  • Gorenja Battalion.png
    Gorenja Battalion: (三重殺奏, Sanjū Sassō, translates to Triple Concerted Deathstrike) Teamwork from his teammates Aorenjya and Momorenjya of simultaneously using Clone Illusion and eventually attacking with their own method of offence. Had they been facing anyone but Toguro, this teamwork was likely to cause severe harm to the opposition. However, this technique is later thwarted by Toguro when he used his fingers to incapacitate the trio but Momorenjya was immediately killed from one of his fingers.



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